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Boost for Corbyn as Left-Winger Becomes Labour's Nominee for London Mayor



"thousands of left-wingers have joined to vote for Jeremy Corbyn in the leadership contest"

No, they are not "left-wingers". They are normal, sane, decent people who want to return Britain to the decent social democracy it was before Thatcher and her extreme right-wing lunacy wrecked the place. Britain used to have a very efficient nationalised railway system. Britain used to have a decent National Health Service. Britain used to provide university places free of tuition fees and also provided cost-of-living grants to university students. Britain used to have an industry. All this and more was maggoted by Thatcher and her acolytes, such as Tony Bliar.


For the Times to say that the Labour Party is moving to the left is ludicrous. It is moving to the position that I recall the Conservative Party was happy with under Harold MacMillan and Ted Heath, before Maggot Thatcher. The Times has moved that far to the right under Murdoch that it is now a sick joke of a newspaper.


The growing conscious rejection of capitalist greed, gun proliferation, war and climate destruction is undeniable. Candidates that speak the truth most of us understand find massive support. Once elected, it will take support on the street level to make change possible within the corrupt existing state structures.


Yeah Murdoch's real low life Zionist colors are appearing clearly for all to see. They have dirtied the waters in every aspect of life in the US/UK and have spread globally in the form of austerity for all and more obscene wealth for the tiny minority of the filthy parasites. Social democracy has been demonized by the corporate media for over 40 years in America. Americans have been socially engineered by the media to discredit and.destroy social programs and to hand over to corporations what they deemed easy to steal from programs by reducing benefits and increasing the costs that were previously covered by our tax dollars.


You are right, George, except that an economy which serves the people IS left wing.


Oh. I thought that the idea of an economy was to serve the people. That is the sort of notion I used to get taught at Sunday School when I was a child. I didn't realise that my Sunday School teachers were "lefties". Similar notions of service to the community were taught at all my schools in the UK. But then, that was before The Maggot came to power. No wonder she abolished free school milk in favour of buying Trident submarines..........


Everyone SAYS they serve the people. But only Lefties DO IT.


Most of us know that Murdoch serves his own billionaire class (as Bernie puts it). But if you insist on describing him first and foremost as a Zionist, you will have zero influence with the people who want to get rid of capitalism in their own countries, so they can live well.

The entire Middle East is not that big a place, and there is suffering and oppression all over the world. But I suppose your obsession comes first, right?