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Boosting Hopes for Total Ban, EU Regulator's New Assessment Confirms Neonics' Harm to Bees


Boosting Hopes for Total Ban, EU Regulator's New Assessment Confirms Neonics' Harm to Bees

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Boosting hopes for a strict EU-wide ban on the pesticides, a new report by the European Union's food safety watchdog confirms that neonicotinoids, also known as neonics, pose a threat to bees.

The report from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), which upates its assessment from 2013, and draws from over 1,500 studies, looks at the impacts of three specific neonicotinoids—clothianidin, imidacloprid and thiamethoxam—on honeybees and wild bees.


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Indeed! As go the bees, so also go we.


This is a little off topic but since bees are needed for food to grow. I also belong to this non profit that does excellent work.

Toxic Oilfield Wastewater Used to Grow California Food, Including Organics


I read about this a few months ago, but have no links. I wanted to vomit.


Living in a semirural area outside a city in China, I often stop to look at what the roadside vendors are selling. Along the roads in this province you can often see beehives hanging from the tall trees, even on campus here. Some of the roadside vendors have beehives. They are selling honey. Showing my limited Chinese, I said “mifeng” one day, meaning “honeybee”. No, the vendor said, “huafeng”. It is a pollen bee. She pointed to the huge balls of pollen for sale.

Evidently in the US, before the Europeans brought the honeybee to the US, pollen bees were doing the work for the flowers.
I can’t make the link work. You can use yahoo to search pollen bees and choose the Pollinator Paradise article.


The problem is that most honey and pollen sold today contains pesticides according to a US study. …so I haven’t bought any here.


I’m doing my happy dance for the bees! :honeybee: Looking forward to their return in my poison free gardens, where they work shoulder to shoulder with me, peacefully.