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Border Agents Using 'Sledgehammer' Tactics as New Travel Ban Nears


Border Agents Using 'Sledgehammer' Tactics as New Travel Ban Nears

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Civil rights groups are criticizing border agents' "sledgehammer approach" to vetting international travelers at airports around the country, a troubling trend as President Donald Trump prepares to sign his new ban on immigrants and refugees.


I think that Trump will ultimately seek to get around the ACLU and the courts by declaring a false state of emergency and imposing martial law. From the way he's been talking that certainly seems to be the direction he's headed in.


Sledgehammer = tasers, military automatic multiple clip rapid fire M-16 and/or M-4, tear gas, nunchucks, sacks full of lead shot that are used indiscriminately to subdue "the other" with the blessing and urging of the diabolical emperor of orange...via twitter, of course (or through top secret courier to the "leaders" of the ICE packs along the border).


There is always a sizeable percentage of any uniformed force who will turn into racist bullies as soon as they get a signal from the "higher-ups" that such behavior carries no penalty. This pattern came as a shock to me since the only cop I really knew was my godfather and he saved me from being arrested when I was a kid. I first became aware that not all cops were like him when Giuliani was making his first unsuccessful bid for mayor against a black incumbent, David Dinkins. I was passing by when I stopped to hear Giuliani give an openly racist speech in City Hall park to a crowd of off-duty cops who then proceeded to assault at random various black people in the subways and on the streets. Four years later, Giuliani was elected and those same cops knew they could pretty much run wild. The louder and more aggressive cops set the tone whenever they are encouraged to do so. They do not need specific orders. That is clearly what is now happening with Border Agents.


The chimpenfuhrer's abnormal "malignant narcissist" personality coupled with his extremely narrow-minded experience is capable of anything.....he is a clear and present danger to our Earth, people, and republic.........


Here is an example Joe of the abusive tone set by this hideous trump creature and his extremist regime - it is representative and in this case directed against a white woman - when such naked contempt for the lives, dignity and human rights of others are wielded by goons with guns and other deadly weapons, against black and Latino people, or any victim in their sights, I fear for them all.............We Have Met The Enemy, And He is Us!