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Border Patrol Reveals 'Culture of Impunity' as Agents Cleared in Dozens of Killings


Border Patrol Reveals 'Culture of Impunity' as Agents Cleared in Dozens of Killings

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

In case after case involving U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) shooting and killing unarmed people, agents were cleared of wrongdoing by the CBP's internal affairs department—including in the killings of children and U.S. citizens.


ALL lives matter. We the People need to grab the culture of killer cop impunity in the USA, and wring its neck.


It seems criminals and thugs, if employed by the state now can declare their crimes legal, and we all must abide by their dictates. Must be nice to have that kind of power.


Border Patrol, ICE, Homeland Security, whatever the name of the week is, operate a zone of terror and abuse On American Soil hundreds of miles inside the Country, far from any border.

Took a trip along Interstate 10 from El Paso to San Diego last year, and I have never seen such an abuse of Constitutional Rights. All inside the US.

I’m sorry, the Border with Immigration and Customs is 100 miles south of here, yet we went through 7 checkpoints all inside US soil and never once ventured onto foreign soil.

Profiled, Detained, Searched without Cause, Subject to Interrogation, and ALWAYS the use of force or arrest to Intimidate and Extort Obedience.

God help you if you look anything but Gringo.
They even detained the 96 yr old former Governor of Arizona Raul Castro, because, of course, he fits the profile.