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Border Patrol Violently Assaults Civil Rights and Liberties

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/30/border-patrol-violently-assaults-civil-rights-and-liberties


While most of the attention paid CPB focuses on the Southern Border, the Northern Border has experienced some of the greatest travesties.

Having lived along the US - Canadian Border and worked projects at many locations along that border for three decades I watched sleepy rural border crossings expand their Border Patrol staff and infrastructure tenfold after 9-11 to the extent that some of their Northern Border facilities became as large as the small towns in which they are located.

When asked by a local what they actually do all day, a Border Patrol agent responded that in summer they ride ATVs and horses, while in winter they ride snowmobiles. The Northern Border has become a plum assignment for agents who paid their dues on the Mexican line.

Perhaps the agents’ primary responsibility is to keep single payer medical insurance from invading from Canada ?


The CPB and Bortac are rogue agency’s; their atrocities on the southern border against refugees a trial run to set the stage for their violence in Portland against citizens - a trial that failed.

The entire homeland security act forces were a fraud perpetrated on the US - a massive make-work military jobs program that diverts resources from civilian priorities. after WWII vets were brought back to civilian life, not so today with violent “jobs” like Bortac created for returning vets, or into various and local police agencies, still carrying their violence, racism, and bigotry with them - contempt for the “enemy” they face now -. A treason in my opinion.



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At the Washington state border, a US border patrol translator was identified by the bad guys who were stopped and denied. They have threatened his wife and children. If the jerks are from Sebia, middle east, central america, mexico or chicago - they will kill his family and him given the slightest chance.

I have agreed that government employees and contractors must have visible ID when they are knocking on the door.

The Portland federal buildings protectors are untrained, undisciplined and have no leadership. Goons


We have witnessed firsthand what giving police power to impressionable young recruits in various policing agencies often leads to.

Authoritarian rule in the hands of children often leads to reactionary abuse. To Lord of the Flies and Brownshirts.

The oligarchy sends them
not to bring peace but sow chaos. To distract the little people from the main issues like ending gross inequality. To concentrate on its effects, racism, statues, (faked) looting, police brutality, anything but the looting of our government by big capitalists.

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Years back, I read stories about how they have installed cameras and ground sensors along the northern border in western states, apparently to keep out Canadian grown marijuana and it’s seeds. Now days you might be right, IEM4A seems like the bigger threat.

Although BC bud was the major Border Patrol focus until legalization in key US states diluted that market, 20th century staffing levels kept that under control. The 20th century sized Customs staff even captured Millennial Bomber Ahmed Ressam as he was crossing in the US to bomb LA.

articles like this, including the links it provides to further backing information and similar articles, are difficult to read, but of course infinitely less difficult than being the victim of america’s gestapo like police brutality and deadly police violence. america’s establishment that is responsible for it is sick and evil, and those who back the establishment, liberals and conservatives, democrats and republicans alike, are sick and evil. it’s sickening! sigh.

good one.