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Border Town in Arizona to Trump: Tear Down This Wall... of Razor Wire


Border Town in Arizona to Trump: Tear Down This Wall... of Razor Wire

Jon Queally, staff writer

It was, in a way, Reaganesque.

On Wednesday night, the city council of Nogales—an Arizona border town with a population of 20,000 people—unanimously passed a resolution calling for the Trump administration to remove razor wire that covers in near entirety a border wall that passes through its downtown.


I hope the residents get together with heavy clothes and wire cutters and removes it themselves. I highly doubt you could arrest 20,000 pissed people though some of the more thuggish racist members of of CBP might try…
I have been to Nogales many times. The slat border fence is literally on a public road. Like the photo shows school buses use the road daily. Families divided pass things through the fencing all the time. Putting razor wire like this is beyond sick. Animals can get caught. Children or adults walking could easily be pushed into or trip and fall into it… this is sadistic beyond measure.
It disgusts me troops did not refuse to do this citing an unlawful order.

I also wonder if president dumbass and his minions are planning a razor wire addition to all his beautiful slat walls he plans to install? Better rethink that plan you shit faced buffoon. .


’ Earlier in the week, Mayor Arturo Garino told the local Nogales International that the razor wire was “lethal” to the town’s residents. “I really don’t know what they’re thinking by putting it all the way down to the ground,” he said.’

I think the ground level coils have a singular purpose, increased profitability for the (one would assume) politically connected contractor(s).


Put that razor wire all around the White House, from ground to roof. Just as thick as this martial-law without declaring martial law crap.
And yes, where are all those “Brave Warriors” who should have enough balls to be moral and refuse such orders. But no. There are never any brave warriors who are that kind of brave - almost ever, ever, never and those few who are that brave get arrested, imprisoned or at least ridiculed and drummed out.
Again and again it is the children of the poor and lower classes who are uniformed as “warriors” who are sent out to be warriors against their own class and families and neighborhoods - civilians from toddlers to the oldest, seldom armed with more than protest signs or maybe even a rock or two - assuming any are even protesting or just minding their own business. Regardless of country or area of the globe, be “we” in the USA told ourselves “we” were above that.
For decades “we” have made fictions, in our books, movies and television of our moral fiber and formulated the UCMJ (Universal Code of Military Justice - where the formula is to refuse unlawful orders [lawful and moral are not the same]).
Remember “JAG” with the upright defenders of morals? Remember all the dramas in which only the Nazis could be rotten? I could go on but you have the idea. “We” (script writers, etc) have propagandized our own higher selves, except we’ve been down in the gutters.
Put the damn razor wire where it belongs, around the White House, the Pentagon and Trump Tower.


That’s right, Nogales, show the world you have the walnuts required to sue the pants off of Trump.


When I worked in Nogales during the early 70s there was a heavy duty border fence. By 1980 increased fences, walls and patrols reduced northward flow of contraband of all types. That contraband simply came through in semi-trucks, rail cars, boats and other less direct routes. The flow of illegal weapons into Mexico never slowed down…it sped up when the Dubya Regime failed to renew the assault weapons ban 15 years ago.

Trump’s fake news about a southern border crisis is no different than Dubya’s fake news about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction.


If it’s on the side of the wall that the people cannot see, then it is not a deterrent, unless lacerating children is your idea of deterrence.


I also have been to Nogales, Mexico and 10 likes for your post! You said it very well.


Your post is spot on!


From what I can see, this razor wire wall, is designed to keep Americans in.

Perhaps that’s the plan?

Turn the United States into one large prison.


I was thinking the same thing looking at the photo. Also the military doesn’t understand how to use a ladder, very dangerous the way they are using them.


Add this razor wire to the list of atrocities committed by our Commander in Chief asshole
including separating immigrant children from their parents.


Time for him to be put into a facility that is surrounded by razor wire.


A really great nation would create an international zone and allow people to cross freely without even needing paperwork. This would be very much like the Mexican system which was used for years until the US forced Mexico to change. Immigration/Customs would be at a point further in the country - like 30 miles. People (families) have worked and lived on both sides of the border for over a century and before that - it was part of Mexico. The Xenophobic politicians in Washington are pea brained creatures who have no concept of greatness or dignity. This razor wire is just a symbol of fascism no different than the Berlin Wall.


Brings to mind the picture of the Alamo. Mexicans storming the walls with ladders. duh.
It only takes one innovative ladder to foil the billion dollar U.S. effort here.
What are we, nuts? These are not desert trolls trying to enter, murder, and destroy our cities and towns. The next deterrent will be closer to murder than tolerance.


“Lock him up.” That would be a excellent chant. I’d like to see him lose everything.
He’d go crawling to his self-righteous racist base and find even they are sick of him.


Two weeks ago I met people who live on the AZ/MX border in the middle of the state. They often go across and have an evening of card playing. There are more tunnels dug underneath those damn wall than anyone knows. For every tunnel discovered by border patrols, three and four more are in place. Anyone familiar with the history of Mexico knows that Mexicans are a strong lot.

BTW shouldn’t we expect that many Venezuela immigrants will be at the border in the coming years ?


what brave warriors? a volunteer military means a hired army. todays warrior is in fact a mercenary hired to do as told until they can become private contractors and over bill the public and or use their vet points in the highly rigged civil test system where 7-12% of the population, ex-mercenaries/vets, get over 80% Government,state and city jobs in US.
LE, ICE and Border police have waived all criminal and mental health background checks for vets. no checks for PTSD and other mental health issues, prior history of violence and crimes committed are being hired as cops in your town.


I know of a policeman who shot and killed a young woman who was armed with a small pair of scissors. Today he is a sharpshooter in the armed forces of the oosa.


In my state, the MVA has decided to designate veterans with the word “veteran” typed in bold ink under their photos. “Veteran” is the first thing one sees; written bigger and darker than their names or the name of the state.

One might wonder why this is, except we all know the answer already - as a signal to the cops that the person they just pulled over deserves special consideration.