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Border Town in Arizona to Trump: Tear Down This Wall... of Razor Wire


Just like what the US has helped Israel do to Gaza.


Yes, just like that.


Well you know the racist base loves a good execution and you know they would turn on someone in a minute. Maybe trump could try to quote the bible (poorly as he did in his campaign) before they pull the switch.


He tries to act like he’s against war. Don’t believe it. He’s a warmonger of the worst caliber. If the end of the world is coming, he wants to make it happen sooner, as evidenced by his devotion to coal, oil, fracked gas methane and nuclear end product. The more dependent we become on these fuels, most of which is waste and luxury travel, the more vulnerable we become to disruption of supply. He’s cares nothing for anyone outside the ruling class. He’s colluding with world oligarchs to divide, arm and set loose the dogs of war. He’ll call it the apocalypse.


The wall in the photo is directly across from back yards apparently on the US side. Why was the wall installed in that location? Were the homes built after the wall was put up? Someone made the decision that these homes were vulnerable to attack, thus the razor wire. Instead of moving the wall away from the homes, it’s cheaper to install razor wire. This may be another atrocity the worst of our military minds think makes sense. Find out who’s behind this debacle.


We have to keep in mind that Trump believes in the voracity of Fox Noise. How should that make us feel when Trump is in the company of Putin, Bolton, Miller, Kushner, or MBS?


We have succeeded in making at least part of the border look like a war zone. The next step may be the use of explosives to open a way through the wire just like in Vietnam. Build it and they will come.


Totally agree. He is a true “menace to society.”