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Boris Johnson and the New Battle of Britain

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/25/boris-johnson-and-new-battle-britain

Jeremy Corbyn, whose dislike of the European Union’s neoliberal elements ensured that Labour was incapable of taking a clear position.

It’s not correct to say that Corbyn’s perfectly proper opposition to the neoliberal European capitalist superstate is responsible for the mess Britain is in. It was the Tories who called the referendum. And there is substantial opposition to staying in the EU among Labour voters. If they defect in the coming elections it will be difficult for Labour to prevail. This is why Corbyn has taken the position he has–respecting the results of the referendum and the vote to invoke Article 50 (which all the remainers voted for too) and proposing a customs union and new trade deal, which everyone knows Britain and the EU will have to conclude anyway eventually because they will need to trade with Europe and vice versa. But of course the new savage right wing Tory government needs to be fought tooth and nail all the way.


Here in the USA, we would be overjoyed if we could have the labor, environmental, consumer, social benefits, healthcare, and freedom of travel standards that the “evil globalist neoliberal EU” imposes on its members.


We already do. That’s why we need a socialist government.

The bulk of those things mention , such as health care Social benefits and the like , were implemented in the United Kingdom PRIOR to joining the EU.

Those social benefits are being eroded even as the UK remains a member.

If you look at the EU , there NOT equal Social benefits for all citizens. As example maternity leave in Sweden is very generous while in the United Kingdom it very poor. Access to a free post secondary education happens in Denmark but not in Italy. This shows that the EU has little to do with any of these things and that those Social spending programs can be implemented just as easily outside the EU (see Norway).

The reason the EU was formed was at the behest of Corporations and the Corporation will never act in the best interests of the worker. If you want an example of that there that article a few months back on a Netherlands based food store chain operating in the USA. In the Netherlands their employees treated much better not because of the EU but because of the Government of the Netherlands acting to limit their excesses. In the UK and in the USA they are just as ruthless to their employees as any other Corporation based in these Countries.


I feel sorry for the people of the UK, they now have their very own trumpo the clown, and the poor souls didn’t even get a vote. They’re going to shit a brick if he starts screwing with their health care system.

The screwing of their health care system started years ago with Government cutting back on funding so as to help ensure the system “breaks”.

In the article it points out that life expectancy gains are faltering due to the spending cuts. I make this point because in the USA the right wing acknowledges that Life expectancy dropping but claim it has nothing to do with access to health care and instead due to more “gang violence”


Didn’t know this, thanks. I’ve seen chatter about privatization in the run-up to Johnson’s election, but had no idea it had already begun. The citizens there have no idea what their in for.

The strategy being used is much like the 1 percent uses against Iran, Venezuela and Cuba. Via sanctions and destabilization efforts they try and crash those economies hoping the people turn on the Government and elect one friendlier to the Corporate interests in the nations that participate in these efforts.

This was the recipe they used in Chile both to topple Allende and then gut Social programs like their pension plans under Pinochet. Its Chicago school of economics stuff.

These efforts are linked. It a war on the people.


Fascist leadership and advance of Global Warming seem to be running
“neck and neck” –

It seems obviously essential that the right wing establish control before we
all begin to hit the streets in recognition of our planet’s demise at the hands
of capitalist exploitation.


Whenever there’s an article about the EU, brexit or something even only tenuously connected with it, as now, you show up like a bad smell and start pompuosly soapboxing all your anti-EU misnformation and progadanda. It’s enough to make you look like obsessed shill.

The EU does indeed effect these things. I’ve already dealt with this blast of bullshit misinformation you put out in my last reply to you but (see that if you’ve forgotten it), as usual, you scurried of once again and didn’t respond to any of them (fourth time in a row now!) like the cowardly, slippery worm you are. Yet still spout the same crap even though it’s been demonstrated to be utter bullshit.

And as I’ve said repeatedly, Norway is in the EEA so subject to EU rules. The only difference is, they don’t have any say in making those rules.

Well if the EU is so corporate friendly as you keep claiming then why do pro-corporate types like Boris Johnson (your new hero after Farage, I see) want to leave it? A point I’ve asked you about, oh, 10 or more times now, yet which you continue to conveniently avoid.

Yes the UK is being ground down by austerity, yet as I put to you in the last comment I’ll put to you again because I’m guessing you were too self-evasive and cowardly even to read it last time out, .namely, …that’s mainly because of 10 years of Tory austerity and their agenda to dismantle the welfare state, but, and this is crucial, the thing that you seem to stupid to see, is that that agenda is a major factor in why the Tory party and neo-liberalists wants brexit, because the EU directives and legislation, regarding environment, employment law, etc, is one of the few, heavily battered sheilds we have left in defending against this Tory, neo-liberal onslaught, one you want to take away so they can really go to work in bashing our brains in, whilst you sit over in your pontificating ivory tower unaffected by it all.

"If we could just halve the burdens of the EU social and employment legislation we could deliver a £4.3 billion boost to our economy and 60,000 new jobs.” Tory Brexiter Priti Patel

"There is little doubt that it is that extra stuff, the stuff from Brussels, that is helping to fur the arteries to the point of sclerosis. The weight of employment regulation is now back-breaking: the collective redundancies directive, the atypical workers directive, the working time directive and a thousand more.” Tory Brexiter Boris Johnson

"The EU makes it too difficult to hire and fire and too expensive to take on new employees. It is intellectually unsustainable to believe that workplace rights should remain untouchable while output and employment are clearly cyclical.” Tory Brexiter Liam Fox

"scrap the (EU) working time directive, the agency workers’ directive, the pregnant workers’ directive and all the other barriers to actually employing people”. Tory Brexiter Lord Martin Callahan.

Beginning to see the light yet? These are the sort of people you are an anti-EU propogandist for. They’d love you. Perhaps, after all, you’re just shill posing as a Leftist, unconcerned with the lives you are encouraging to be destroyed. Bascially, as we say over here, a twat.

And why are you such a big fan of the WTO and WTO rules which is what the brexiters want in place of EU trading legislation and its higher standards?

Is it WTO paying you to be a shill?

What is denial of global warming but an act of war? What is inflaming belligerent antagonism between races but condoning degrading internment and vigilante execution of climate crisis refugees? Inhumane austerity and economic sanctions are indeed a war on the people.

My first suspicion about Boris was his overreach regarding two highway bridge proposals - a 20-mile bridge over the English Channel to France and a shorter though no less absurd bridge between Scotland and Northern Ireland. These projects suggest Boris is politically aligned with fossil fuel
trucking and business interests associated with global trade.

As London Mayor Boris has a spotty record. As I understand it, he promoted several high rise tower projects that failed. If these were hotels, it indicates his loyalty to the ultra-wealthy jet set who’d rather not reduce luxury air travel and accommodations than address the climate crisis.

One main job creation attributed to Trump is construction of luxury hotels. Most Trump jobs are related to military equipment, naval vessels, munitions, detention camps, police state security guards everywhere, fossil fuel drilling, refining, shipment. Record Wall Street stock Market highs are
related to tax cuts for the filthy rich with more money to gamble.

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The homicidal psychopath Thatcher seems positively sane compared to this clown.
She at least had enough sense not to leave the house without her human suit on, while Boris never acquired one. Just the fact that he has managed to climb so high up the political ladder without the ability to feign humanity should terrify everyone.
He is much more dangerous than Trump, and no more legitimate.

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