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Born Into the Brick Kilns: Making Change One Person and One Photo At A Time


Born Into the Brick Kilns: Making Change One Person and One Photo At A Time

The power of the individual, the Internet and our too-abundant dollars at work: Brandon Stanton, who usually chronicles the Humans of New York, went to meet the Humans of Pakistan. One was Syeda Ghulam Fatima, who has spent her life trying to free millions of bonded laborers - aka slaves - working in that country's brick kilns. Stanton took photos, told stories, and started fundraising. His goal was $100,000; in four days, he raised over $2.2 million.


What an uplifting story of the power of one and what these two people accomplished- People just don’t realize how good they have it until they read A story like this…My God, to be born into this type of slavery…


You are right there. This story reveals a nightmare existence for millions that must have been going on for decades. I think we need more stories like this on CD, just to give ourselves a reality check and to highlight the urgency of the crisis of humanity that we are living through in the present age.


People also do not realize how many GOOD people there are until we read stories like this.

Contrary to a notion often advanced, that being humans are greedy and venal by nature, there are a whole lot of decent people out there and all they need is opportunity and those in power that lack common decency will do all they can to ensure the decent do not get that opportunity.


There aren’t many stories that I feel grateful to have read but this one is really high on the list. Slavery passed down to children? A life of misery making bricks - no education - no chance for better.

One valiant soul did not forget them and did what she could to help them.

One decent soul did not forget her and her fight.

Now her lonely fight is the fight of many who did not forget her either.

This is like the best effen story ever because it is so small a story, one woman’s fight and so big a change for that fight and what that means for those with no hope.

Ms. Syeda Ghulam Fatima is the hope of our species. She adds strength to our souls and courage to our fight.

Brandon Stanton is our pride. Thank you Brandon for helping this fantastic woman… to save human beings.