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Born to Foreign Lands Preside: Seeking Freedom In A Hard New World


Born to Foreign Lands Preside: Seeking Freedom In A Hard New World

With the dismal news that states and likely countries will seek to block Syrian refugees - thus responding to the Paris attacks with the same blind fear, hatred and unreason that fueled them - comes a telling look at an earlier time when we did the right thing. The interactive graphic novel "The Boat" captures the harrowing journey of the Vietnamese across likewise hazardous seas. The grievous lesson: "Refugees haven't changed. What has changed is the heart of the free world."


Most refugees that I have met think that they have died and gone to their children’s heaven. They act that way too. As so many open restaurants and I like authentic cuisines, I interface with quite a few often. Good people, good food, hard work–sounds like America, which ironically is at the heart of most of their displacements. Things they don’t teach you in school…


Reminds me of a remark by my wife: “Is that what we do, start a fucking war so we can get good restaurants?” To which I replied “Where are the good Iraqi restaurants?”


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I have a good Syrian restaurant (ok - just a carry out) near my house. Excellent Syrian-style sleek (using kale, not spinach like the Lebanese) and baba Ganouj. Samir and “Sun” his wife left for the US early on when they started to see things go south. Like most Syrian Orthodox they had a picture of the Patriarch on the wall and they do like Assad. I was irritated about his opinion of the Palestinians - he thinks if they don’t like the way Israel is taking over, they should just leave.