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Born to Run? As Beto Enters 2020 Race, Progressives Still Unclear Where Texas Democrat Stands on Key Priorities


Born to Run? As Beto Enters 2020 Race, Progressives Still Unclear Where Texas Democrat Stands on Key Priorities

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Former Texas congressman Beto O'Rourke announced Thursday that he is running for president in 2020, but commentators and reporters say his policy agenda and vision for the country remain unclear.


The right of center DNC empire’s candidate


He’s in it for the money and power, much like Obama and the Clintons. He could give a rat’s ass about the issues. He’ll steal votes from Bernie and we’ll have trump again. Go away, Beto.


Wall Street’s born to run new darling! He is every thing you always wanted to know about neoliberals but was afraid to ask… blue dog, centralist, new way, third way, Clintonite … claiming to be ‘progressive’ without a single commitment to a progressive policy.


All’s you need to know about Beto, MSNBC loves the guy.


Here’s reality: O’Rourke propaganda is a waste of our time. Sounds like another Pelosi.


I hear Beto has got charisma and is good at communicating with a wide range of people. Is that because he is good at saying what others want to hear?

I’m waiting to hear where he stands on issues, what he wants to accomplish, and how he wants to accomplish it. He’ll have to make some choices.

I hear he is a lot like Barack Obama. I voted for Obama, but was pretty disappointed with what we got. Don’t need another Obama.

Bernie is still top choice for me at this point; he’s got the boldness and the credibility on the key issues, and is proving to be evolving in a good direction on others he was weaker on the last time. Wish he was a bit younger, though.

Love that Jay Inslee will bring climate change to the fore as a candidate.

Elizabeth Warren is raising up the economic issues and has some bold ideas to address them. Love her wealth tax idea.

Kamala, Corey, Kristin? Like Beto, too vague and unclear what issues they are championing with actual plans of action.

Joe B? Please, say it ain’t so, Joe. Don’t run.


I described Obama as a “black Bill Clinton”, now I can describe O’Rourke as a white Obama. We don’t need another “young pretty face” with another false “hope & change” agenda. The Democratic party needs to get back to its working class roots of FDR & LBJ. We need policies like Medicare for all and the EFCA and legislation to make it easier to join and form a union. What we don’t need is another fucking wannabe “centrist”.


The DNC dream ticket: Biden/Beto 2020!!


I hear ya. MSNBC died when Olbermann left. The ONLY left leaning TV now is LINK and FSTV.


The best hope for the Vichy democrats is the guy who lost an election to one of the biggest douche bags in the republican party, if not the planet. Sounds about right.


nuf said song and dance smoke blown in that ever so familiar place

got to get the ‘corps orations’ waggled along by lil debbie


The more corporate democrats the better. They pull votes from each other, thus weakens their stranglehold on power. Bernie voters are dedicated and smart, and they don’t fall for Faux politicians like Beto.

I find the timing of Beto’s announcement interesting. Clearly, the powers supporting the corporate wing of the democratic party threw their weight behind Harris but that bet didn’t work out. So now it is Beto’s turn. I figure his shelf life in about 2 weeks with the donor class and if he fails, they will dust off Biden. I suspect this is all being orchestrated. Mark my words, whatever horse the donor class latches onto, they will force the others out of the contest by turning off the money tap. They are running scared.


Beto or Bernie?

Which one has the most corporate ties?

And I’m not talking about neckties.


Does Redman not remember what she just said? A widening field isn’t helpful unless a) the new candidate brings something to the table on climate catastrophe solutions the other candidates don’t (clearly not in this case - Sanders and Gabbard are obviously better as are I’m guessing 1/2 the others) or b) having somebody bad on climate gives the opportunity to more vigorously debate the issue (I don’t believe this at all - we can debate the stupidity of not viewing fossil fuels as something we have to deliberately start to phase out now with the Republicans, it doesn’t help to have a Democrat that isn’t on the right page).

Sadly, this guy is all about image - that so many can be excited about him on the national stage (heck, I was mildly excited about the prospect of him beating Ted Cruz), is truly depressing for the state of this country.


That picture at the top of the article says it all.


Oh please. Not another Rep. light.


Coupla white guys? I dunno, when there’s no dearth of corporatists-of-color. (What a disgusting guessing game. I’m not blaming you, this insane system forces it on us.)

I’m nothing like a wishful thinker (and not a stalwart Bernie fan), but I’ve been seeing things the way brother Cornel West sums it up since Bernie got in. The agitprop machine is going to snap crackle and pop with heaping irrelevancies, then primary voters will choose Bernie. The only guess left is who Bernie will choose for a running mate (probably not another old white guy).


I was being sarcastic, BUT don’t be surprised. Look what we got last time Clinton/Kaine and Tim Kaine is a right wing Dem in my opinion and Clinton is a …???


The new Obama; no moral center. Ethics swirling in the Texas wind. Better than Cruz, but that’s where it ends. Was it Jim Hightower who said something like, “The only things in the middle of the road are yellow lines and dead armadillos”?