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Born to Run? As Beto Enters 2020 Race, Progressives Still Unclear Where Texas Democrat Stands on Key Priorities


Absolutely! Let the poor PTB minions run around in circles vacillating between Kamala or Beto, Joe or Cory, oh my, such a rich banquet of imperial servants!


Biden and Beto’s Aid to GOP Candidates Is Disqualifying

Beto O’Rourke was the #2 recipient of $$$ from the Oil & Gas industry in 2018, after Ted Cruz:
Oil & Gas: Top Recipients | OpenSecretshttp://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/01/2020-primary-biden-and-betos-aid-to-gop-candidates-in-2018-is-disqualifying.html

O’Rourke avoids labels because he is far from a Progressive. Another Corporate Democrat is unnecessary when we already have Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, and soon, Joe Biden.


Thank you. Whatever term was coming, it’s much better left unsaid!


Hillary is a warmongering neoconservative sociopath who laughed at the torture and murder of Gadaffi.


More spinelessness, imo.


That is the episode which defines her, more than any other - because in that moment she set a new standard for exceptional barbarity. You write your own story, paint your own portrait, to some degree. This obscenity, exulting over Obama’s medieval execution of Ghadaffi, is the darkest mark on her face.


He’ll thrill the DNC by raising big corporate money and taking votes from Bernie, all while mouthing Obama-esque platitudes about working across the aisle. Fuck him.


Even though Jay Inslee has absolutely no chance of being nominated by the super, delegates, I love his agenda and priority of focusing on climate change.


Whoop-di-doo. The White Obama is running for president. If he thinks he can win on charm and feel good speeches, he is going to be sorely disappointed. That will no longer cut it in the post trump political world.


The only guy worse for the disillusioned dims to run for president is Biden. Neither should nor will be president.


What a nightmare. That would lock us in, potentially, for 16 years. 16 years of not putting in place needed structural changes, 16 years of things getting slowly progressively worse, 16 years of doing 10% (maybe) of what is needed to deal with the environmental crisis, and maybe if they had their way, 16 years in which only 20,000 people died from a lack of healthcare every year instead of 45,000.

I don’t even know how to interpret this many people running, other than to say that there are lots of people that don’t want Bernie to be president, cause there is a clear qualitative difference between him and most others running on policy, how much you can trust him, corruption, etc. I don’t mean to be conspiratorial, but I see a lot of people running that are horrible matches for the structural changes now needed. They are going to try to pretend to be like Bernie on policy when everyone knows (us, the establishment, the dominant media, the DNC, the big donors) that isn’t the case.


Either Hightower or the late great Molly Ivins.


There are a couple of candidates that can take away some Bernie votes, but it ain’t Beto.


I don’t care about labels, but the policies he has supported and his record are not good at all and are not up to the challenge. Think of all of the people on MSNBC that scream and lie about single payer, the Green New Deal, Bernie himself, etc. Lie and slime about things like deficits, debt, and a wide range of structural changes we need but they oppose. Then, realize that they like him a lot. They see what we do, and they like it. Anyone that is repulsed by these people should take note.


He should stay in Texas and run against John Cornyn the Brain Dead Senator from the Lone Star State.

Maybe he would have better luck against the Far Right Wing Cornyn than he did against the insane Ted Cruz.

Either way he is a bore with slim ideas that he seems to embrace as he goes along.

We need a candidate with a Firm commitment to Progressive Ideals an Old Fashioned FDR Democrat.



Something has bugged me about O’Roarke from the start. I’m going to quit trying to solve that question now that I hear the comments from the CD crowd. Apparently, no worries here. The CD polls are in.


I think you’re kidding yourself. But time will tell.


Huh…? I thought it was pretty clear when he said he wouldn’t take corporate$$$
and later it was found that he was taking money from oil industry?

By the way, a former candidate from Maryland (Pat Elder) sent me this on Dem Majority Leader
Steny Hoyer …

How big a TRAITOR to the American voters can you be and still be in leadership of the party?

The Corporations Behind Rep. Steny Hoyer - Steny Hoyer’s campaign and his political action committee,

AmeriPAC have raked in $6.6 million so far this election cycle. (Opensecrets.org) Rep. Hoyer doesn’t need this money for his campaign here in Maryland. Instead, he contributes it to mostly conservative candidates throughout the country who are willing to act on behalf of the companies below. Meanwhile, Hoyer travels across the country, persuading progressives in primaries to drop out of their races.

Here’s a partial list of the most powerful corporations that give Rep. Hoyer tens of thousands of dollars each election cycle. Think about their agenda and then think about yours, and keep in mind these companies typically give in equal measures to Republicans as well. It’s the reason we don’t have single-payer health care, universal daycare and college. It is also the reason why we do have several ongoing wars and looming climate disaster.

Health Energy Finance Military

AFLAC BP Bank of America BAE

Abbott Laboratories Southern Berkshire Hathaway Blackrock

Blue Cross/Blue Shield Edison Capital One Gen Dynamics

Humana Inc Exelon Goldman Sachs Honeywell

Medstar Health PG&E JP Morgan Chase Lockheed

Novo Nordisk Sempra PriceWaterhouseCoopers Boeing

Bayer AG Northrup Gr.

Eli Lilly & Co

UnitedHealth Group

And by Hoyer’s side:
Speaker of the House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Majority Whip, Rep. James Clyburn
Assistant Speaker, Rep. Ben Ray Lujan and Dem Caucus Chair, Rep. Kaheem Jeffries

Leadership which the 2016 vote was very much against –

That’s the corporate BRAKE on anything truly revolutionary happening in the Dem Party –
beginning with Medicare4All.


I wonder how many accounts here are originating from Russia. So much hatred and divisiveness it is unbearable!

Beto not good enough Sanders not good enough who is good enough? You want Trump again?


So true But vis a vis Warren, I was thinking the last word in the article said it all.