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Born to Run? As Beto Enters 2020 Race, Progressives Still Unclear Where Texas Democrat Stands on Key Priorities


Don’t miss the John Mayall, Eric Clapton followup.

I think Beto is a flash in the pan. But we’ll see.


How in the hell did Oprah come to be pushing this guy?

What we have to remember is that the GOP will be after not only the presidency,
but the Senate and the House –

We’ve got 2016 X 1000 on our hands for 2020.

We need the equivalent of the Mississippi Freedom Party – Fannie Lou Hamer –
because they will be trying to knock out liberal candidates all the way.

PLEASE see comments about Majority Leader Steny Hoyer above –

They will be after Bernie every moment and certainly will be looking to pull something
to knock him out in the primaries.

Not only has Bernie Sanders himself and his informative campaign caused the nation
to awaken again to democracy, but he’s brought forth many worthwhile candidates as
he traveled the nation – actually doing what should be done for the Dem Party rather
than what Steny Hoyer does for the corporations by soliciting and aiding right wing

We need 2016 to happen even 1000X stronger than before – !!

"And so strongly that if we don’t get Bernie Sanders that we succeed in moving an
ALTERNATE DEM PARTY into the Dem Party."

(Don’t know enough about Jay Inslee other than the positives re the environment.)


Bernie Sanders is the only real and worthwhile candidate – imo.
But we do need to know who’s pushing corporate shills like O’Rourke.


How does anyone feel about a Sanders/Warren ticket?

Provided that Sanders liked it?


Grow up with this nonsense. How is it not obvious at this point that the Russia, Russia, Russia stuff is now blowing up in the faces of the people that have been pushing it? And once again, the left, the actual left, called it. Just an obvious example, check out New Knowledge, then check up on their role in feeding intelligence to Congress. The person running New Knowledge said that Russian bots were supporting Roy Moore. Turns out, that company created the bots, then pretended that their bots were trying to tip the scales in the election. Once caught, they said that it was an “experiment” that they were running. Moore was a horrible candidate, a monster, so I won’t lose sleep on him not being in office, but this Russia nonsense is ridiculous and I am sick of hearing it.


Capital & Main reviewed the 167 votes O’Rourke has cast in opposition to the majority of his own party in the House during his six-year tenure in Congress. Many of those votes were not progressive dissents alongside other left-leaning lawmakers but were instead votes to help pass Republican-sponsored legislation. In many cases, Democratic lawmakers said that those measures were designed to help corporate interests dismantle Obama administration programs and regulations.

THIS is Beto and Biden’s problem

Not only is this corporate whore NOT progressive (by any stretch) he isn’t even a Moderate Dem. He’s a republican.

Track the history and follow the money


A nightmare ticket; not a dream ticket, but I would not bet against it!


By way of underscoring your point re ‘Russia-gate’:


Absolutely. As much as I’m not crazy about this guy, he is obviously an improvement over Cruz or Cornyn. And given a few comments I saw on Tulsi only being a Rep and trying to run for president (it looks like Garfied was the last according to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Presidents_of_the_United_States_by_other_offices_held#Members_of_the_House_of_Representatives), that is a problem for Beto also.


Rampant egotism, just like Kamala Harris.


Where is his funding coming from? I believe that he might be in the pockets of the big banks.


Progressives my you know what.

Given the alternatives - Trump looks good - an honest hooligan mobster - i.e., we know what we are getting. Now anybody thinks they can run - and rightly so - the system has disgraced itself, and so it is time for change, and the change is unpleasant.

Populism is direct democracy - never going to work.

But it is a form of negative feedback.

Where are the real leaders of courage?

“In the lonely places” (Fridjtof Nansen, polar explorer & Nobel Peace Prize)

Things will have to get much much worse before we wake up.

Necessity is a bombproof form of negative feedback.

Look at this Boeing 737 max 8 fiasco !

I am a pilot.

FAA - captured regulator.

Transport Canada - captured regulator.

At least Trump is his own man - and it was he that pulled the plug on the defective 7M8’s.

In Calgary - in a lonely place.


Yeah, born to run for Wall Street?


Faux progressive … handle with care… actually any progressive would just ignore this usurper altogether


Wake up and smell the fake reality


Bernie is the only one who is clear about his platform. Then you have a guy like Biden who is there to take votes away and has nothing to offer as he waits in the wings before making any decisions to run at all. Warren talks big and produces nothing. Harris is already tapping into big donor money. The rest are falling by the wayside, while Bernie is all over the Country working hard as ever. Problem is the corrupt DNC who will no doubt back Biden to keep the status quo and keep the money rolling in for the old dogs who do nothing for any of us Serfs. For me, it’s clear that if we want change, Sanders, AOC and Jayapal represent the way it can be done. The rest of the pack are Demo-Repubs.


Oprah pals around with cavaliers like Mohammad bin Salman. Naturally she digs Beto’s glitter.


They owe Joe Biden for Clarence Thomas –

and they will be looking to use him in the primaries – a recognizable name –
though few seem to know what a pervert he is, himself.
See: YouTube/C-span films of Joe Biden

We have an entire party to overturn because its the leadership that has to be
dismantled and all traces of DLC/Koch Bros. and other large corporations removed.

We basically need a new Fannie Lou Hamer and a Mississippi Freedom Party …



well said … i hope if Bernie is cheated this time he hooks up with Nick Brana, the green party, the working families party , the DSA and others and helps to build a viable 3rd party that represents working people


I agree with you on Sanders, Warren and Inslee except that Inslee has the only one who has shown he can actually manage the business of legislation and government. Also, I think he is absolutely correct in putting the priority on climate change mitigation. Nothing else ultimately matters.