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Born to Run? As Beto Enters 2020 Race, Progressives Still Unclear Where Texas Democrat Stands on Key Priorities


Right On!!   We sure don’t need another ‘Big Talkin’, Slow Walkin’ pretty boy like O’Bummer.  Saving what’s left of “our” democracy – and our planet – is gonna take someone like Bernie or Liz — tough enough to take on the well-entrenched Establishment of both parties.   (There are theoretically two parties, but clearly only one Establishment.)

AMEN!!!   Let baby-face Beto prove he was “born to be in it” through doing his part to help clean up the cesspool by removing one of its most odious turds.  Before he runs for the presiduncy let him provide at least four years – preferably ten years – of substantial service by which we can evaluate him.


You think the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is nothing?   Liz fought hard to get it implemented – and should have been named to run it – but the owners of “our” government were afraid she’d be too effective at reigning them in and have done everything in their power to weaken it.   With the RePoop­Lickens in charge of the Senate neither Bernie nor Beth have been able to actually accomplish much, but hopefully that will change after the 2020 elections — especially if Beto will do the job he was ‘born
to be in’ and take over from John Cornyn in Texas instead of wasting his time – and ours – on an ego-trip run for the presiduncy.

Sanders/Warren -OR- Warren/Sanders would get my vote, but there’s a double downside in that they’re both from the Northeast and they’re both very valuable in the Senate.  How about either one – Warren -OR- Sanders – with Tulsi Gabbard?


If your greatest political achievement is losing to the most despicable and hated Senator currently serving; well as they say in Texas, " Houston you’ve got a problem ". And, keep it there, please.
The Beto is a very large pair of empty boots.
No Thanks.


" Progressives Still Unclear Where Texas Democrat Stands on Key Priorities…"
Allow this Progressive to clarify this issue,…his policy positions are basically incrementalist neoliberal, who is willing to bring his compromise position to the table to negotiate with extremist Right policy avocates for some middle ground between his compromise position and whatever fiasco the other-side brings to the negotiation table. As for Progressives, they either fall in line behind him or they are the problem.
Different face, same old, same old. He won’t get support from the Progressives who leapt to try to replace Cruz, who he would definitely be preferable to, but, he acknowledges that he isn’t a progressive, and will not govern as a Progressive. Running against Sanders, Warren, Gabbard, and several other more general progressives already in the primary race, he isn’t even close to being a viable progressive candidate. He might be preferable to candidates like Harris, Booker and the other incrementalist neoliberals, but only marginally so. And if the DNC acts like the DNC always acts, then we will have a lot of disinterested potential Democratic party candidate voters who may show up and vote, but may well not vote top of the ticket, (or may even choose to sit at home), perhaps even enough to give Trump a second term. If the DNC keeps telling people to get in line, that they don’t have a choice, the DNC will merely (once again) be responsible for electing Trump.


I would support a Sanders/Warren ticket and enthusiastically support a Sanders/Gabbard ticket, but would not be inclined (at all) toward a Warren/Gabbard ticket (but could probably do a nose-hold support for a Gabbard/Warren ticket if a dominant Trump/Pence was the Republican Ticket).


We must “bet against it.” If Biden/Beto is the DNC ticket in 2020, there will be a lot less registered Dems voting in 2020, and a lot more Progressives re-registering as Independents over the next few years.


Actually, I almost edited my post to ask only about Sanders/Gabbard ticket (or vice-versa), primarily 'cause I think there are two many unenlightened voters who would just not support a ticket with two women.  Plus I think Liz is very valuable in the Senate at calling out 'PoopLicken / Tweetle-Dumbish bullshit and standing up to Wall Street and the Banksters.


Don’t see it mentioned anywhere so I will----My hero today is Gov Newsom-----Thank you Gov Newsom for refusing to carry out the death penalty in Calif. No STATE should have the right to murder another human being. SUPPORT INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM—SUPPORT THE COMMONS.


My god, what a joke you are. Focus on fucking issues. Provide solutions to problems. Provide alternatives, because the system as is has no solutions to our problems. That is how your party wins. Your rotten candidate lost in 2016 because she was horrible, historically unpopular, ran a bad campaign, and she alienated lots of people whose votes she needed. That is why you lost. Facebook memes played no role, none, in her losing.

Now, does Trump have more ties to Russia than the Saudis? The Israelis? Wall Street? You think any connections he has with Russian interests couldn’t be found with many other countries? Like, the leader of Israel went to our own government on the invitation of the leaders of one of the two main parties and gave a speech to elected representatives to argue against the Iran deal that Obama had supported. Please, tell me how anything you can find on Russia would be that blatantly trying to interfere with our politics here domestically. Seen those anti-BDS bills and the insane fake outrage of Ilhan Omar? Remember the 9/11 report and the extent to which the Bush administration protected the Saudis from scrutiny? I could go on. This propaganda is too stupid to take seriously.


Unless this is an olympic event for the 100 meters don’t worry about age! The oldest dude in this running is by far the best! Go Bernie go!


I could support that ticket, but I’d rather Sanders choose a younger Progressive Veep, who could take over his mantle (there is some consideration that Sanders may only sit for a single term, but even if he sits for 2 terms, I’d want an available Veep who had a lot of experience working with a functional Cabinet to promote, protect and legislate a Progressive agenda. Warren (while great as a Market monitor and Corporatism regulator many of her economic and social policies more resemble warmed over compassionate Republican-Lite, neoliberalism and incrementalism (probably be much better as AG or USSC justice).


Personally, I’m more concerned about a Republican-lite, committed capitalist (with a good business/banking regulation/oversight perspective) at the head of the ticket and a political novice (but good progressive base values) backing up the head of the ticket, much more than any real consideration of a single gender ticket (either way - but I just don’t see the DNC ending up with a single gender ticket this year, regardless of who heads the ticket.).


I would think, that Beto would take a lot of money and support from Biden, but O’Rourke really doesn’t have much of anything that would actually attract most supporters of Sanders.


Please read the article about Beto supporting a Republican over the Dem in a House race in Texas which the R won by 1,000 votes. Then worry about your own pathetic party instead of Russia.


Beto’s constituency is younger voters, same as Bernie’s. Beto is a blank slate on the issues (moderate to right leaning) who impresses younger voters by skateboarding and having been in a rock band.

The presidential race is a personality contest to a sad degree. Beto does well on that basis.


The third way dims are fighting for their lives. Nancy tried to circle the wagons and consolidate power in her first move as Speaker and she damn near failed. Now, compared to the new progressives in the House old nan looks like a big old booger.
They have tried to sell us nothing but corporate cronies for 2020 as well. But the democratic faithful have thus far turned their noses up at Harris, Booker, Klobuchar, etc. Enter Beto, the great (not too white) hope.


Betta 2020 for an Obama 2.0 America… for the Trumpublican 4.0 America in 2024. It’s the neoliberal two-step America; leave your brain and Soul outside the polling booth please.,


Yes I do feel you can still go on ranting on all different topics saying Facebook did not matter and others do it in the sane sentence.

Trump won by 80k votes … all it took was some targeted advertising on green leaning nuts.


I do worry about Democrats who pick who “has to be” as oppose to who can win or eat each other alive for petty differences.

What worries me more are such pathetic people like you spreading hatred and accusing Democrats of everything and anything.

Democrats are not perfect yet they are centuries apart from Republicans.


You have no data to back anything up, just ignorant drivel. The largest drop off in voting occurred in which communities Wisconsin? In black communities. They decided to not vote in large numbers. Are they nuts? Turnout was the lowest for a presidential election in 20 years, which is what you people should have anticipated when you saw the Republicans nominate the most unpopular major party nominee in history, and thought, hey, lets nominate the most unpopular Democratic nominee in history, someone that would have been the most unpopular nominee in history if she wasn’t running against the person she couldn’t beat. And which groups don’t vote in large numbers? Communities of color vote for in lower numbers than white people. Want to blame them for your party’s utter failures? Poor people vote less than middle income people, who vote in lower numbers than the rich. Wanna blame poor people for your party’s failures? How many Democrats also voted for Trump? In Florida, how many registered Democrats voted for Trump vs. those that voted third party (as if you are entitled to their votes)? Little hint, more than those that voted for other parties (whose votes you feel entitled to).

Your view of democracy is deeply authoritarian and backwards. First off, we have an environmental crisis and your party is offering little to address it. When AOC comes up with the GND, how do the leaders of your party like Pelosi respond? What is their alternative? Crickets. So, anyone disgusted with that, your party’s corruption or the fact that you have no ideas or alternatives is not to blame, your rotten party is. Secondly, no one owes a fucking thing to your party, especially the poor people, working people, young people and communities of color that have been screwed thanks to the policies your party supports, its corruption and the fact that it has no real alternatives, policy coherence or vision. Get that through your head. If you want to win elections, you try to EARN the votes of people. If you nominate someone and they lose, it is on them. Not anyone else. Keep that in mind with the coming primaries. You nominate some inferior candidate that doesn’t offer people anything on policy (bland bumper stickers in speeches don’t count), don’t expect their vote. Again, they owe you nothing, you owe them something, or you won’t get that vote.

I despise people like you. Instead of looking inward, you want to blame everyone else for failing your party, instead of realizing how much your party has failed our democracy, the environment, infrastructure, children in places like Flint, poor people, working people, etc.

I am done with you. I cannot waste more time on emotional children.