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Born to Run? As Beto Enters 2020 Race, Progressives Still Unclear Where Texas Democrat Stands on Key Priorities


LOL! So, we all agree that Republicans are horrible, right? No one here disputes that, at least not many. So, what value is there in saying that Democrats are better than Republicans then? I cannot pay my healthcare because of that fact, now can I? No, I can get healthcare based on policies, and what your party offers is inferior to single payer. A poor kid in Flint isn’t less likely to have lead in their water because of the fact that your party is less bad than the other, and there are thousands of Flints across the country. We won’t avoid the environmental crisis because your party isn’t as bad as Republicans. Mother Nature could give a damn, sorry to tell you. A logical person, which you are not, will look at policies in isolation. Are those policies, in isolation, up to the task, up to the challenges we face, do they solve our structural problems?

I really am done, had to just respond to your bullshit on that comment there. Bye bye.


Oh, he’s in it

And you can smell it


How about a Sanders/Gabbard ticket? Tulsi could be the Antiwar opposite to Bernie’s pro-military stance.


The Democrat’s Marco Rubio? Don’t know enough about him to form even a glint of an opinion and now he is campaigning so hes statements will be self-serving with enough spin to make a Whirling Dervish dizzy… That isn’t a personal attack, all politicos push the bounds of reality to the point of credulity.
We are standing here dithering at the brink of our own self destruction. we need a mensch not another nice guy.


For those of you who didn’t get it, Patricia Scully is being sarcastic. Biden/Beto is the DNC dream ticket.


I think Beto will take more votes from “centrist” Dems than from Bernie.


Trakar –

OK …
For me, I’m more concerned with the human being than age – though agree…
Sanders’ age does bring limitations.

I’d be happier with a Sanders and Phil Donahue ticket – I could go there.
Someone outside of government who is a valid liberal and always has been –
and anti-war.

We seem to have reached into the celebrity field anyway to grab Trump – or he
pushed himself in. I think both Sanders and Donahue would blow every whistle
they could on government and secret government.

Warren may bring a pull by females anxious for a female president – which would
include me, but it would have to be someone like Susan Sarandon – but I agree
that she has had attachments I’m not too fond of and could easily be another Obama,
at minimum.

Depends really on just what happens after they cross the threshold of the White House.
And maybe are taken to the basement?

But I’d emphasize to us all again that it’s going to be a big job just to hold onto the House…
it’s all stacked against democracy, actually, by our Founders.

We need much more to actually carry out this revolution that Bernie Sanders launched –
House, Senate, Presidency. Legitimate liberal candidates – anti-war. For Medicare4All.
Protecting safety nets.

And we have to be thinking of what Fannie Lou Hamer did with Mississippi Freedom Party …
it kind of got moved into the Dem Party as an ALTERNATE way to go.


If you see what Trump has been doing, it’s moving more and more fascists into office.
That will continue by the GOP even if Trump loses.
That’s where the GOP is going – more cruelty, more evil, more fascism.


Beto is another Obama. Country cannot afford that. We need a bare knuckle fighter to kill of the plague known as the GOP. Beto is not that person. He should be running against Cornyn in 2020. The fact that he is not doing that says a lot about him. Look for him to get a bunch of publicity, give heart-warming speeches, and lose in the primaries. Then go to work for a giant media company with his own show.
Once the news is out to all in the Dem party regarding his campaigning WITH and FOR republican Will Hurd in TX during pivotal 2018 election for the House, he will be history in the Dem party. He’s in it for the big money that comes with a media contract.


Beto is lucky #13.

In 2016, the Republicans put on a Clown Show with a stage full of degenerate politicians pretending to be honest and strong.

Now, in 2020, the Democrats will take the debate stage in numbers.

Only in America.


I imagine Hillary said the same of an unnamed DNC tech guru who is the most likely candidate that leaked private emails to Wikileaks.

“We came, we say, he died”


I guess being the only Senator AGAINST regime change, endless wars and the invasion of Iraq confuses you. Time for pony boy to check the facts: presidents control the military, not the lone Democratic Socialist in the Senate.


PS -
Take a good look at BETO’s voting record (from Sirota’s Op Ed)

THen take a look at Bernie’s voting record (from vote Smart)

Now ask yourself WHO IS THE DEMOCRAT and who is NOT?

Spoiler alert - Beto is a Republican


MSNBC and FOX were side-by-side at the gym… both praising and fawning over this nuthin-burger.

The deep state and media are going full throttle “anyone but Bernie”. This is going to be a bumpy ride. Hold on tight, there are commentors here who are repeating the media’s false anti-Bernie montra: pony boy.


Let’s not forget that Biden is only a year younger that Bernie. And which one has been keeping up the brutal schedule and which one sit’s on his ass.


At least you got it Martha. But I wouldn’t be the bit surprised if it happened. Bernie is STILL my guy AND the real deal.


Hi Patricia, Yes, Bernie is my guy, too.


Bernie is plenty good enough.
But as far as Beto goes…It’s plenty simple enough

Take a good look at BETO’s voting record (from Sirota’s Op Ed)

THen take a look at Bernie’s voting record (from vote Smart)

Now ask yourself WHO IS THE DEMOCRAT and who is NOT?

Spoiler alert - Beto is a Republican


Ok One last thought on this.

HERE is what American’s said they want (poll from 2016) includes both parties and indie’s!

Now ask " Which Candidate supports these positions and which says No We can’t?"

Is supporting what MOST Americans want (both parties) and extreme LEFT position?
Is not supporting these positions extreme Corporate/Right wing? Yep


Sanders isn’t going to hook up with anything but the dismal dems. Just like with HRC, he will back whatever candidate is anointed by the DNC.