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Borrowers 'Chilled to the Bone' as DOE Reneges on Student Loan Forgiveness


Borrowers 'Chilled to the Bone' as DOE Reneges on Student Loan Forgiveness

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

In a troubling development for the countless people saddled with student debt, the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) may be reneging on a promise made to over 550,000 such borrowers who were led to believe that their loans would be forgiven after ten years of work in the public service.


Working in public service is quite commendable. What country are we living in where these morons are so cruel. ?


That is easy: The America that was just made Great again,


Made great again? Yeah, I know that's sarcastic- but think about it- when Clinton was prez- Wall Street was deregulated- a few years later the economy collapsed . No big CEO even went on trial-Madoff was a different story. This is the "great" America that much of the public is sleep walking through. Let's think about this: My generation ( boomers) came of age- and helped push environmental protections, civil rights , women's equality, more attention to people with special needs, . Of course generations before ours preceded us, and worked on these same issues. No one is perfect, and of course not all people of a generation fit into a certain mold. However, since all of this, we see increasing detriments to public education, profits over people, loosening of regulations and environmental protections, the Wall Marting of the world, outsourcing of jobs, wage disparity like crazy. What happened to the generation who was gonna change the world???? It let itself and others down down down. Of course not everybody is in this place ; certainly not intentionally. Some boomers ( who are rich) will not see their kids ( if they are in the middle class or beyond). accumulate that kind of wealth. Many people are very angry at our generation. Clinton ( a boomer) had a surplus budget but screwed the workers who had secure factory and other labor jobs through NAFTA and CAFTA. Trump ( another boomer) wants just to accumulate more money for himself.
Those were not the mantras we heard in the 1960s and 1970s, and even beyond.


Now , we even have a portion of the country who is addicted to heroin and opioids. We sure still have that great music though.


How many student loans did Ms.Devoid (of brains) amass at her KKKristian skools - K-University? Yeah, like she even knew how much it cost to send her to private schools all those years...money is no object for the million-cum-billionaire class...the class that has the power to FORGIVE student loan debt for anyone over the age of 40 in order for them to make ends meet without HUGE student loan debt hanging over their heads. Senator Sanders had a well-crafted program to forgive loans and to make University education FREE for all comers that even HRC said would work. But the Rethugs quickly slapped the dreaded (in their and their supporters' minds) word on it: socialism.

Ain't no cabinet secretary currently in place who is going to provide any program that benefits anyone below the vaunted 1% (to which they all belong)...No Way, No How. Gonna be a damn long four years (or less if the colluding clansmen's Russian ties and deeply interwoven monetary agreements are revealed and they are sent packing to Gitmo or renditioned to the Gulag).


If DeVoss moves to inject additional cruelty into the lives of those who acted in good faith she should be brought under intense pressure to show her that being mean to others has its price. She needs to be made a spectacle of the indecency she is and represents. Constant ridicule of her ignorant self and her positions might be a good start. All Trump's assholes really dislike the sting of public criticism


Always like your posts! These people believe that they are genetically different, and that g-d put them in high places because they are smart and make money. I even have heard some of these types call into cspan and say so. What they really are is: spoiled and overpaid. No one ( unless they can stop global warming , war, and disease) is worth that kind of money. A good person helps others. I remember Devoid saying at her hearing that "nothing comes for free." Considering that she, and her family got rich off the backs of others she ( like Dump who inherited from daddy) should be ashamed, but she is not- just spoiled and entitled. Also, these idiots who dread socialism will be the first ones screaming when medicare is threatened. They are truly insane, and only care about one thing: money. It's no secret that the happiest people are those who do for others. Notice how angry these people look. They have also attracted a mob who is still angry because of the recession. Notice, how Wall Street ( according to them) can do no wrong. But, a public school teacher, or a disabled person is garbage to them Sick Sick Sick.. DeVos has also been known as a racist and anti semite. Say the word Passover to her, and she'll probably flip.


Disdain of criticism- that is a good one- anyone who disdains criticism like that is immature.


Or "Ramadan" or "Sitting Shiva"...would make her shudder and pass out! As one author whose name escapes me now stated (and I have used from time to time): "They are pickled in the brine of affluence."


Fair is fair. The US government should uphold its promises. However for those graduates lucky enough to obtain jobs working in the public sector in many instances they are doing better than they would have done in the private sector and for those in PhD programs they are gaining valuable experience and exposure.

Goldman Sachs only needs so many new bankers each year and that number is very, very small.

The real problem is that so many leave college (or drop out) saddled with the equivalent of a mortgage on their backs when good private sector jobs are scarce. And for those that mum and pops pick up the ivy league tab it's simply business as usual when they're guaranteed a lucrative position in dad's private practice or law firm. This is why so many cannot "catch a break" in this country -- the deck is stacked against them from the get-go.


Sitting Shiva as you know is a morning period for Jewish people. But yes, that would send her over the edge. I like that pickled in the brine phrase. I think we all need to call our reps and rethugs also ( if that is the case) and let them that in the richest country ( well that's what we hear) this is unacceptable. I know I will call on Monday. May many others join as well.


We baby boomers and those from previous generations need to call and write our reps en masse, and to write and or call the media as well. This is embarrassing to say the least.


The country that originally showed its cruelty by the genocide of the First Nations People and the enslavement of the African. And the cruelty continues against them and now the rest of us.


Time to really consider a revolt in paying your loans and get ready for total, non cooperation. Education should be publicly funded!


Education is publicly funded. It's just that the public is not the beneficiary of this funding.


Tuition, then, should be publicly funded.


It is not just the millenials in trouble....
I like a dumb fool, believed the hype of starting over with a "mid-life" career change...
this was to get out of a dead end, low paying job...

well, with over $100,000k in debt of student loans.....(we had to use some to live on,
as my husb. is on disability & social work required field work available only in daytime hours..
thus having to cut back on my salaried job)....
I obtained NO JOB, no job offers at all, for what I thought was not an ageist profession:
Social Work...
guess what, I believe, it ALSO has ageism...WARNING: don't go into social work!
on interviews, I was asked more than once why was I looking for work in Social Work
(inferring a woman of my age - indeed, I recall being asked that at least once-supposedly
not something allowed to be done)....
In any case, I am STILL in the dead end job - a hospital....the social work dept here
didn't even bother to set up an appt to interview me..
My co-worker is concerned student loans will be PRIVATIZED and be detrimental to her son
continuing his education in engineering - I agree with her, I think they probably will be privatized.
I fear they will do away with Income Base repayment -- meaning my husband and I will
be homeless.
We both suspected they were going to do something, Trash and fellow trash...
and here we are...
Well, I am NOT going to take this lying down....unless these thugs kill me....maybe that is what they hope -that the poor and lower class "rabble" (a/k/a not having much money) just do "society" a favor, and DIE...
well, I and others are not dead --- and don't plan to be just yet, you got that, THUGS???
you hear that, demoRAT Albio Sires, of 8th District, NJ??? who has ignored my
repeated concerns regarding this and other issues???


I can see a debt-strike-a-coming. The whole student loan construct is and has always been a massive rip-ff by banks and investors, and now they are tightening the screws to bleed the people dry. Well, they will be dealing with millions of angry, disgusted individuals refusing to pay them, and the cost of pursuing all those defaulted loans will be huge. But that's what liars and thieves get. Eventually it all catches up. DeVos just sped up the final collapse of a corrupt system.


If you default the most they can garnish your wages is, I think, 15%. That's better than losing your home.