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Boston to Protestings Students: You’re Not Worth it


Boston to Protestings Students: You’re Not Worth it.

Jennifer Berkshire

The student protest outside of Boston City Hall was winding down. Of the 1,000 students who’d walked out of their schools for the second time this spring, about 100 were left, waiting to get inside in hopes of testifying before a City Council committee against proposed school budget cuts. First, though, the students had to pass through a metal detector, a process as inefficient as an airport TSA line. “This is what democracy looks like,” they chanted,a protest staple that for once felt almost true.


The wingers won't be happy until there's a Kentucky Fried Children on every corner.


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"Budget cuts will hurt us. We’re not going to be able to run the world well."

What makes you think they want you to run the world at all? The way you think the world is, or should be, does not matter to the 1% making decisions about the future.


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If you click his icon, you can see his posts. All snarky one liners.