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Botched Infiltration of Venezuela Leaves Guaidó Tainted Beyond Repair

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/11/botched-infiltration-venezuela-leaves-guaido-tainted-beyond-repair


Most all of dems are complicit in these actions against Chavez and now Maduro. Follow the oil, oil oil. Follow the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. US wants their resources and as always will do whatever to get them and are not happy that nothing has worked. Chavez and Maduro were both elected by the people. Have they made mistakes, yes. Have they helped their own people? yes. Have they helped themsevles? Maybe but not like the sycophants wealthy here in the good ole US of A.


Just another reason I’m not a registered Democrat, don’t contribute to the DSCC or DCCC, or have any respect for most of the Democratic Leadership Class.
This antiquated and blind support for Guido-like subhumans, like their Republican colleagues’ sick political aspirations, exposes The UniParty Consensus at its rawest. They really are disgusting at the end of the day.
But we knew that. Though, this column by Mr. Flores is always a good touchstone; a reminder, our country is run by a bunch of mercenaries and stone cold killers, pretty much.


Please allow me to add to your post to further your point.
Many in this country forget that Chavez also helped the poor of the US by donating heating oil to Americans who couldn’t afford it during the winter, something their own government wouldn’t do for them. I don’t know if Maduro has continued this program, but I believe it’s an important point the US citizens should never forget.


Even though Guido is despised by most Venezuelans, he is Washington’s man for the moment. Trump will do whatever he can to topple the democratically elected government of Venezuela. The problem is all of the people plotting to overthrow Maduro, are as corrupt and as immoral as our current cabal of criminals in D.C.
To expect a war monger, serial liar and rapist like Joe Biden to reverse course is absurd. Biden was a big supporter and enabler of the coup in the Ukraine that installed Neo-Nazis in Kiev. Biden cheered the coup on his watch in Honduras when the democratically elected leader there was overthrown by a violent paramilitary group that plunged the country even deeper into despair and corruption. In fact I would venture to say that Biden is more dangerous than Trump when it comes to foreign policy, even though Biden and Trump are on the same page.
What Trump and the Democratic primaries have shown more than anything else is that everyone should vote in November, but no one should vote for either the Democrats or the Republicans. These two “separate but equal” tools of corporate America pose a greater threat to the planet than even nuclear weapons and global warming because as long as these two incredibly evil entities are in office, the endless road blocks to ending global warming and dismantling nuclear arsenals will not budge.
Americans can either have a social safety net, a functioning democracy and a chance at avoiding the sixth mass extinction or we can have Wall Street capitalism, but not both.


The Bay of Piglets. History repeating itself as farce. But no, “Democrats have been almost entirely silent on the matter,” if the matter is Venezuela. Bernie Sanders, though not a nominal Democrat, is indistinguishable from the rest of the rabid Cold Warriors when it comes to Venezuela.


I hope Venezuela continues to detain those mercenaries. Will Washington offer relief from sanctions or threaten invasion?


Just to add to the growing litany of reasons: On a regular basis, for YEARS I have been receiving dem “surveys” (cum dollar asks) and have not answered a single one. Just a minute detail in the wastrel model of continually repeating an action that never gains a response. Kinda telling by my book. The al.gore.rhythms that drive their statistics that drive their communications that drive the fast evaporating public responses - not to mention votes - kinda laid out in plain cite. Sometimes I meditate and all the crap falls away and the energy returns. Says quite a bit for simply walking away.

Feedback looped, insensate, wastrel, paranoid, greedy, arrogant, dumbasdoorknobs, … self-referential twits who worship paper in all its forms…

I’m also reminded of an ancient Sufi admonition - it is always good to know how to duck. (I’d add to duck what looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks …

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But you’ll be voting voting for Biden, right?

Strategic Central American US base strongholds could lead to invading Venezuela
in another Oil War we fund by driving cars every day like lemmings and goose steppers.

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There’s never a “partisan gridlock” on imperial adventurism


The Venezuelan government through its oil company, PDVSA and its subsidiary Citgo,
continued to provide heating oil, I understand, until U.S. sanctions (started by Obama)
made it impossible to continue. In the last year or so, the U.S. illegally seized Citgo
and gave its bank account (which included billions that Venezuela used to pay for food
and other imports) to Guaido. Guaido and his cronies reportedly embezzled a fair bit of it,
and are paying some sycophants thousands of dollars a month with this stolen cash.

PDVSA also offered low-cost oil to Caribbean and Central American countries. In Haiti,
major riots broke out a year or so ago after corruption was found in the Haitian government
accounts that managed the oil; the pro-U.S. president subsequently cut off the program,
to no one’s benefit but the hawks in Washington.


“the Associated Press reported that the DEA had informed Homeland Security
of Goudreau’s plans to smuggle weapons into Colombia.”

The Guardian reported Sunday that three empty boats belonging to the Colombian Navy had
been found in the Orinoco River (suggesting more mercenaries were or are loose inside Venezuela).
It added apparent confirmation of their ownership in reporting that the government of Colombia
wants the boats back. (As with the captured American mercenaries, I hope Venezuela holds
onto these boats until it gets a good deal.)

As the story reports, Silvercorp ran a training camp in Colombia near the border, easily sent
‘filibusters’ (look up the term!) into Colombia to run the camp, and ‘smuggled’ (past eyes
looking the other way, no doubt) military-grade weapons and other equipment into the camps.
It is thus impossible for the Colombian government to proclaim innocence in this international
crime, and not credible for Washington to deny at least oversight, if not active involvement.


Thanks for the update of information on this subject, I had no idea (but guess I should have) they were supplying other countries with heating oil also.
Those dam socialist countries, always doing damage to the rest of the world. /s


I was in Trinidad and Tobago a few years back and gas there was about a dollar a gallon (gas in the U.S. was about $4 at the time). I’m not sure cheap fossil fuel is the best thing to be encouraging but it did allow everyday people there to afford it and created good relations between that country and Venezuela - it’s nearest neighbor.


I agree most democrats and all republicans don’t deserve our vote, but the problem we face is is that’s what we’re stuck with except for a few states that routinely elect Independents to congress or the senate. A Green Party or any other third party candidate has about as much chance of becoming president as my dog does in this country, and that’s a fact whether we like it or not.

I voted for Jill Stein in the last presidential election because she was really the best candidate for the job I thought, but I live in Kansas so it was more of a symbolic vote. This election I’m going to vote for the democratic candidate, whomever that ends up being, even if it ends up being biden, who I loathe. I’ve talked to a number of people here and trump has ruffled a number of feathers so I think it’s important to get serious about who I’d rather have as president, trump or (presumably) biden - and I definitely don’t want trump obviously- because Kansas might finally go democrat for president (they elected a democratic governor over chis kobach in the last election which gives me hope).

The democtic party is a deeply flawed neoliberal party with despicable leadership, but I would take a democratic administration and congress over a republican one any day of the week. Also, trump is a very ill man who gets off on hurting and destroying people, even little immigrant children, so getting him out of office has to be priority number one for the sake of the country and everyone in it. I’m afraid that too many people voting third party (instead of democrat) in this next election is just going to keep that from happening, sorry to say.

For the life of me, I cannot understand WHY Guaido is still walking around a free man after all the crimes he has committed against his own people. The sooner this S.O.B. is locked up, or better still, given to the people to mete out justice, the better. The U.S. and Trump with all the rest of them, can go take a running jump. what goes on in Venezuela is none of their business. Can you imagine a similar situation in the U.S. challenging Trump and waging terrorism against American citizens ???

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Agree, and glad you mention Honduras and what happened there under the Obama/Biden/Clinton watch. 50,000 Honduran minors fled the country to the U.S. with no adults - as a result of their support for this corruption and overthrow of a legitimate government. I saw some of the children in our neck of the woods, on their own, having made it past the authorities further north. The corporate Dems are frauds. What alternatives do they offer to the nightmare that has been U.S. foreign policy in Latin America for decades? A nightmare, that is, upon the poor people in these nations. They just want to exploit their oil and natural resources and crush any real people’s revolution - on behalf of their Wall St political funders to whom they genuflect - just like the GOP.

Bernie offered a possibility of change in this out-dated foreign policy, but they’ve made sure he wouldn’t get through. And Obama was part of that obstruction and repression of a real grassroots effort for intelligent, ethical, humanitarian and peace-oriented change. Biden is even much worse.

People should vote for Bernie if they haven’t had the chance yet, and then, in the general go with a third party or independent left candidate.

If the left doesn’t show these politicians that they’re capable of not voting for them, it will only get far worse. There’s only one way up the mountain - and that’s to get up and start walking. I’ve started walking too. It’s not going to get any easier with these short-term lesser-of-two-evil strategies. The Dems made Trump nominee bc voters sucumb to this kind of election blackmail. People have to get a lot tougher and also realize that it’s not going to happen overnight in a couple of elections. It takes time and starts with each of us refusing to cooperate with this evil.

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If you want to have some “fun” with those surveys, some of the Berners take a large red magic marker and write things like, “SINGLE PAYER NOW, COWARDS!” across the whole thing and then mail it back like that. (Some cross out their personal identifiers - each person’s call) You could also scrawl, “HANDS OFF VENEZUELA” or “LEAVE VENEZUELA ALONE, JOE BIDEN”

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In the Caribbean the oil probably wasn’t for heating, but for vehicles or power generation. A portion
was free, I recall; a portion was at low cost, and a portion was to be paid for later at low interest rates.

Pompouseo is of course particularly aggrieved that Venezuelan petroleum went to Cuba (in return for doctors’ services) and Nicaragua (for food imports), as well as to quite a few other Caribbean nations. One reason that the U.S. got Canada and Peru to set up the anti-Venezuelan ‘Lima Group’ of right-wing regime-change plotters was that the U.S. couldn’t get a majority vote attacking Venezuela at the Organization of American States (OAS) – mainly because Caribbean nations were opposed.

I agree with dpearl that in the larger scheme, fossil fuel (and Venezuela’s economic over-dependence on it) isn’t the answer. But small and poor countries don’t have much choice in whether to use it.

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