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'Both Illegal and Unconstitutional': Trump Brazenly Suggests Immediate Deportations, Zero Due Process


'Both Illegal and Unconstitutional': Trump Brazenly Suggests Immediate Deportations, Zero Due Process

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

President Donald Trump on Sunday called for immediately deporting immigrants—a group he referred to people who "invade our country"—without due process.


I guess he better start by deporting his personal sex robot, errr, I mean his wife, Melania.
She came in illegally by overstaying a visa and working illegally in the USA.
I’m sure Ivanka will be ready and willing to resume her wifely role again, Donny.
It’s a win-win, and I really do care, do you?


The man is seeking any way to counter the national uprising of those who saw the separation of families as the last straw. He is trying in apparently a patented, “I want it my way!!” fashion to counter that clear message with anything that says 'I’m King!!"


The orange fuhrer wannabee has no concern or respect for law, either Constitutional or International. His MO is that of a bully that very much needs a punch in the throat! A shallow, vindictive, little man, with zero moral compass, integrity, empathy, or concept of truth; impressed with his borrowed office and position as that of a mad king or vicious dictator…in the words of Hermione; a “foul loathsome evil little cockroach”!

The US Constitution and his oath of office obviously means nothing to him, neither do the lives of others. The only thing that means anything is ego and his delusional self image…


You forgot to mention clueless.


It’s a good thing Mr Trump does’t carry a pistol. He’s have so many holes in his his feet from shooting himself in the foot so many times he couldn’t even walk. I wrote today at Medium(@jrallen1200) on this immigration/asylum seeker insanity that needs a comprehensive way to address so we don’t hatch another group of people that will have a major grudge with the USA in 10-15 tears or so. The plans that been proposed in the past get torpedoed by the bigots in the wings pulling the strings such as Steven Miller.


Au contraire, Donny. To the extent that we are, in your words, “…laughed at all over the world.”,
it is because of YOU!

Do you really know much of anything about our Constitution? How about the Magna Carta? (Hint: It’s not a Dodge truck model.)


As Hair(?) Trump flings more poo in the privy, colloquially known as tweeting, he finds that less and less is sticking to the wall. Hey Dingleberry Donald, it piling up on the floor against the wall doesn’t count. No one uttered Simon (Legree) says.


To call Trump a president is an insult to all the people who have held the office. He is a fascist engaged in ethnic cleansing. Certainly the Republican Party of the recent past would have dumped him in a minute but his cult-like followers have essentially taken over the party. His followers just agree with whatever he says and do not think about what he does. At his rallies they gladly went along of his chant “lock her up” without considering that in the US political opponents are not jailed by the winner of the election. They aren’t complaining about his separating children from their parents on the border or putting these families in prison together. People who care about the US Constitution, morality, and stopping tyrants must band together to stop Trump. There are still Democrats, independents, and members of third parties who can fight back. It is up to them to join together and stop the racists who are trying to take over the country.


That the new marching orders,ethnic cleansing?

You managed to make the terms nazi, racist, fascist irrelevant. Who are you people? Are we being desensitised against these terms for something greater that’s being prepared? Some people are starting to worry.


This is what happens when you mix religion with government. You can do anything and say it is the will of your personal sky deity.

. Attack Planned Parenthood. Demean climate scientists. It’s the will of Jesus.

Funny thing about reality though. It doesn’t care. As refugees continue to amass by the millions, at some point people will have to talk about this without hiding behind fictions.

At some point resources and habitat have the last word, even after the gods.


“We cannot allow all of these people to invade our country”

His own mother was one of “those people” – the trumptard is truly heartless!


And yet another distraction from what is really happening. Capitalism has failed, the trade wars have begun and history shows they lead to military wars. We spend our GDP on weapons, they must be used. We are itching for a fight and it will happen. These distractions guarantee it.


Where do Trumps harvest all that hate.


Trump has a bad attitude toward due process. Remember the Central Park 5? Trump wanted them jailed without trial. After they were acquitted, Trump still insisted that they should be jailed.

Government would be simpler and easier if we could keep courts from over ruling the president, and keep Congress from intefering with the president’s ability to legislate from the WH.


And, in fact, it is our country that invades other people’s countries by a much greater magnitude,
leaving death and destruction in our wake (When we bother to leave at all, that is.)


people who "invade our country"

So said the “Vesuvius of Mendacities”, descendant of invaders. These folks entering the Southern border are indigenous and therefore have more of a right than this tiny mouth spewing so much venom.

And another thing: He wants a “merit” system to immigration while his own pedigree is very questionable.


Kind of like our gun cult folks.


This ‘Zero Due Process’ thingy by the fascists in power is not for immigrants only. It can be applied to me, and you, and everybody in the US, courtesy of the two pieces of legislation that are designed to dismantle/override the US Constitution and that were pushed through Congress with the help of Democrats: The Patriot Act and the NDAA, implemented to seal the fate of American democracy. Without due process we all are subject to the despotism and atrocities of our own government…


Bingo. These tweets are simple campaign fodder, to stoke his base and assure them that he’s not going to be diverted from the mission by a handful of bleeding-heart pansies.