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Both Parties Are Playing the Mexico Card


Both Parties Are Playing the Mexico Card

Laura Carlsen

Surprisingly, Mexico has taken center stage in this year’s U.S. presidential elections.

While it has been cast mainly as the villain, the unexpected spotlight has sent politicians and activists on both sides of the border seeking to get their message out. If they’ve learned anything from the Trump playbook in the past months, it’s that negative attention is still free publicity.


NAFTA did more to strain US-Mexico relations than any other event of the past half century, including:

NAFTA resulted in Congress being controlled by the GOP for the first time in 40 years, assuring the assault weapons ban would not be renewed, thereby creating a steady flow of assault weapons from the US to Mexico.

NAFTA pushed Mexican farmers north to take over most drywall installation and take other previously gringo occupied jobs.


So many Mexicans are taking a stand against US politicians opposed to illegal immigration. They should take a stand against the corruption of Mexico's government & demand social programs to improve its standard of living.


I think Trumps idea of a wall is great. It just needs to follow the original fronteras
California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, Nevada, Utah, Kansas, parts of Wyoming, Colorado and Oklahoma. If we include the lands that New Spain claimed we could add Louisiana (including the western Mississippi River basin and the Missouri River basin...basically the Lousiana Purchase), Florida and Puerto Rico. They would all become Mexican states. The good and the bad of them would be Mexico's problem. And Donald can have the rest. In about 1800 75% of the continental US was claimed by New Spain (soon to become Mexico).


I really do have to point out that many Americans have good reasons not to trust the President of Mexico, and this is not the first time we've felt that way. With good reasons, we wait to hear of any really good news and outcomes for regular citizens' lives there to be truly improved - based upon Ethical Laws and for the long-term. Surely the bad outcomes in Mexico cannot all be blamed on the USA.

Secondly, American workers were hit immediately upon NAFTA being finalized and signed into law. We cannot overstate the power of the Republican written Trade Agreement. Even though BILL signed it, it was the GOP putting heavy duty pressure on him to sign it. This is also the case with OBAMA - no drama Obama, huh? If Obama has nothing personal to gain from it, down the road, then why the heck is he so all fired up to negotiate it with such high levels of secrecy and with the need to call in all the Governors from around the nation, to get them to do his dirty Selling Job? Please, people, I beg of you. Do Question this Trade Agreement. It is going to sell out the American worker, the American families, and ALL OUR futures. Please don't buy into the bull.

NAFTA: "The agreement goes back to the 1992 presidential campaign when Bill Clinton ran against incumbent President George H.W. Bush. On Aug. 12 of that year, Bush finished negotiating NAFTA with Mexico and Canada. During the campaign, Bill Clinton said he would support NAFTA if elected, but would demand supplemental agreements to protect worker rights, the environment and sudden import surges."