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Both Parties Pushed Trump Toward Reckless Action on Jerusalem


Both Parties Pushed Trump Toward Reckless Action on Jerusalem

Stephen Zunes

Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital further threatens Israeli-Palestinian peace, breaks international law, and risks a violent and destabilizing reaction in the region—which may be exactly the plan


This passage needs to be underscored, bolded, repeated and remembered ad nauseum for the next time we start debating whether we are ruled by reasonable, decent, non-sociopathic people in either party and whether those parties are responsive to democratic pressure or reflect what their members actually want:

Support by Congressional Democrats and party leaders for moving the embassy is not due to demand from their constituents. A recent poll shows that 81 percent of Democrats oppose moving the embassy while only 15 percent approve. And polls show there is not strong support for such a move among American Jews, either. This is an extreme example of how the Democratic leadership and Congressional delegation diverge from their constituencies on major foreign policy issues.

The platforms of both the Republican and Democratic parties have called for recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, but failed to acknowledged that Jerusalem is the commercial, cultural, educational, and religious center for Palestinian life.

Which isn’t to say that voting isn’t worthwhile… Only that voting isn’t anywhere near sufficient.


This move by Trump is meant to consolidate the media behind him in his time of peril. Let’s remember Trump is about Trump in a bigly way–always. Overthinking the situation will not add insight. Such a simple man cannot think nor act beyond his own interests.


Let’s remember that the Dems are up in arms about Flynn and Kushner talking to Russia before the inauguration and possibly before the election.

But you won’t hear a peep from Dems regarding Flynn and Kushner openly colluding with the Israelis.


This asinine decision by an asinine, brain-dead megalomaniac puts a bullseye right in the center of Jerusalem. Were it not for all the innocents living there I would say: FIRE AWAY!!!


“It is unfortunate that there is no real opposition party.”

There, fixed your last sentence for you. No need to thank me.


Right! Check out Walter Karp’s Indispensable Enemies for a historical analysis.


The Democrats have always supported the Israeli slow-motion genocide against the Palestinian people.


The smug, near moronic, smiles on the faces of trump and schumer, and the vacuous “religious” emptiness of pence speak volumes! Examples of both political parties corruption and complicity with extremism and stupidity…just really want to wipe the simpering smile off schumer’s stupid zionist face!

That we suffer under such ignorance, stupidity, corruption, and treasonous support for the Israeli subversion of America and their contempt for International Law and UN resolutions, is what we apparently deserve…at least one generation mostly lost to greed & self-interest, vapid “celebrity” worship, and astonishingly shallow view of life on Earth.

“Every country has the government it deserves” - Joseph de Maistre


A country that devastated the Native people of America----and the Palestine people really think this country can be a broker in a peace deal.------This IS the issue as a teenager that opened my eyes that there is something very wrong with the media and how we are told we live in a free and open society???


Your point is a valid one, ST!


Well put, Emphyrio. Remember the USS Liberty “incident”, June 1967! Remember Rachel Corrie!


The Senate and Congress have had their noses so far up AIPAC’s and Netanyahu’s ass that they don’t even notice the smell anymore. To them it just smells green, long green.


The real pusher was Sheldon Adelson…no doubt about it


Doesn’t the UN Charter which Israel signed and which is responsible for the existence of Israel forbid nations to annex territory? Property taken in war must be returned to sender. Address known. Israel is ignoring the UN which gave it life. Irony. The Republican Donor Jews got what they wanted. Marc Levin and other radio shock jocks which control the party along with the Donors are intoxicated with the smell of burning Arab children. Great day for the world. Truman was a fool and let the anti communist crazies out of their cage. This is the result.


I’ll thank you!
Hey, what about “Due to at least 40 years of sloth and self-interest, there is no longer a viable American Left?”


“Every country has the government it deserves.” - Joseph de Maistre.

Except for Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia, Panama, Chile, Columbia, Honduras, Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, etc, etc. Those countries get the governments the US thinks they deserve.
Or else.
By now the CIA can topple a democratically elected Latin American government in its sleep.


No, no and no. It is not the Damns or Repugs. It is Orthodox son in law Jared Kushner.

This ‘Middle East Czar’ also ordered the hapless soon-to-be National Security Adviser to undercut our government policy for Israel during the transition period. Hopefully he is going to jail to pay for the many ways he damaged our national interests.

Moving our embassy is something Israel is willing to give its eye-teeth for. To give that bargaining chip away without getting something for the U.S. in return is inexplicable, and inexcusable. You could chalk it up to youthful inexperience, or it could be something privately gained by the Trumps. The art of the deal and so forth.


I blame Trump for doing this. Other presidents, Republican and Democrat, did not do it. They would have been supported by Chuck Schumer and far right fundamentalist Senators too. Hell, Tillerson was against it. He did it in spite of what the military, intelligence community, State Department, and lots of others were telling him. No need to find scape goats—he is the one who did it.


You mean he kept a campaign promise?

And made mega-donor, Sheldon Adelson, happy?

Now I wonder if the RNC is going to get a big, fat check from Haim Saban: