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'Both Sides' of Slavery Comments Latest Proof John Kelly Is No Moderating Force


'Both Sides' of Slavery Comments Latest Proof John Kelly Is No Moderating Force

Jon Queally, staff writer

"It's irresponsible & dangerous, especially when white supremacists feel emboldened, to make fighting to maintain slavery sound courageous."


It’s hard to imagine how this guy can wear the same uniform that Smedley Darlington Butler once wore with such distinction. Butler was a born soldier who had politics thrust upon him, while Kelly was apparently born a politician who saw soldiering as his path to power.


uuummm wasn’t the whole thing about slavery and treason? Wasn’t the act of secession treason. I’m confused here, help me out.


All wars are/were fought over money/power, historical whitewash notwithstanding.


I am sure this General Kelly fellow considers himself and is considered by others to be a “good patriotic American,” and yet he betrays an apparent lack of fundamental knowledge of his own history.

He apparently has not heard of “The Compromise of 1850,” nor the “Missouri Compromise,” both of which were major pieces of federal law before the civil war.
Even Lincoln was in favor of compromising with the South.

I am sure that many consider Kelly some kind of ‘great patriot.’ He is an armed ignoramus.


Are people still hoping that Trump can be moderated? Didn’t we hear this hope throughout the Republican primaries and the general election and now for months after Trump actually dumbfounded the experts and won the election running a platform of white supremacy and climate change denial. Let’s not forget that Trump is a super narcissist and seems to act most of the time based on spite rather than reason. Many of the people who voted for Trump want to establish either a white supremacist country or a theocracy. They do not like at all this multicultural secular democracy that we live in. The US is profoundly divided about what type of country this should be.


I know the D-Party apologists around here don’t want to hear it but Kelly and Trump are firing up a loyal, racist base.

Meanwhile, Tom Perez is reinstating Donna Brazile at the DNC and President Obama is getting paid millions to give speeches to the rich and well-connected.

Mid-term elections are one year out–I wonder who’s going to show up to vote?


Eleanor Sheehan, Isaac Newton said, what goes up must come down. In this case, the sinking ship is America, not just the Whitehouse. By the way, all generals are politicians, with the first true politician being Roman Emperor Constantine the Great. Finally, Kelly is evil, just see how he treats young 10 year old Rosa Maria Hernandez.


D apologist here. We don’t want to hear about Trumps racist base? Why? That’s what we talked about here while y’all put out that he was the anti status quo guy, the man of peace. His campaign was based on racism.


Our kids are somewhere in the world fighting right now for pieces of s$it like this.


I think they’re fighting for our interests in oil, lithium, opium and other raw materials in third world countries. I guess we are only capitalists when we sell but not when we buy (steal).


I’m fucking sick and tired of “liberals” trying to find something, anything redeemable in ANY of these people. They were not blindfolded when they signed up for the Trump campaign/Whitehouse. Even that evil, stupid Bush jr has liberals slobbering all over themselves. ALL these people are evil motherfuckers with absolutely NO redeeming qualities.


I’m pretty sure the US is involved in wars no one knows about. I have a friend who has been on multiple deployments. Whenever asked where’s he been he always says “I can’t tell you.”


" The US is involved in wars no one knows about."

True, unless like in Niger, where soldiers are killed!


When Smedley Butler wrote: WAR IS A RACKET; he was talking about people like Gen. John Kelly!


Mary Shelley’s novel “Frankenstein” released in 1818, told a story of a young scientist who creates “a” Monster who runs amok.

In 2016, in the United States of America, 63 million voters chose to enable a single Monster to create scores of other Monsters to run amok and threaten and kill innocent people all over the World.


Once a racist, always a racist.


It’s up to the rest of the country to hold on to what is left of our democracy. Three more years of ugliness and non stop investigation will test our will. We have to be vigilant enough to dissent while at the same time fight against the tendency to accept anything from the Trump gang as a “new normal.” G


Niger = Uranium


John Kelly is a “former Marine General” which should give you an
idea of what has been going on in our Military as fascists have
reached high levels of MIC and government …
See: Kay Griggs/YouTube

This is an echo from the Dark side – a reminder of Kennedy’s
firing of General Edwin Walker who had been circulating Nazis and
White Supremacist material throughout the military …

And if the name General Edwin Walker seems vaguely familiar
he is also the alleged innocent bystander whose home Lee Harvey
Oswald allegedly fired into with his rifle sometime before the JFK

You might also recall General Walker as having led the racist riot at
"Ole Miss" over the enrollment of James Meredith, an AA veteran.
Psychiatric care was recommended.

Ole Miss riot of 1962

Walker again resigned his commission in 1961 after being publicly and formally admonished by the Joint Chiefs of Staff for calling Eleanor Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman “pink” in print (a charge made by a leftist newspaper called the Overseas Weekly and never substantiated)[1] and for violating the Hatch Act by attempting to direct the votes of his troops. President John F. Kennedy accepted his resignation, making Walker the only US general to resign in the 20th century.

In early 1962, Walker ran for governor of Texas and lost in the Democratic primary election to the eventual winner, John Connally. In October 1962, Walker was arrested for leading riots at the University of Mississippi in protest against admitting a black student, James Meredith, into the all-white university. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy ordered Walker committed to a mental asylum for a 90-day evaluation in response to his role in the Ole Miss riot of 1962, but psychiatrist Thomas Szasz protested and Walker was released in five days. Attorney Robert Morris convinced a Mississippi grand jury not to indict Walker.

Walker was the target of an assassination attempt in his home on April 10, 1963, but narrowly escaped serious injury in the attack when a bullet fired from outside hit a window frame and fragmented. After its investigation into the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the Warren Commission concluded that the assailant was Lee Harvey Oswald.[2]