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Both Trump, Rio Olympics Earn Gold in Hyperbolic Hurdles


Both Trump, Rio Olympics Earn Gold in Hyperbolic Hurdles

Jules Boykoff

If Twitter-sphere trash-talking were an Olympic sport, Donald Trump would be a legitimate contender for gold.

When the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics commence on Friday, Trump will be consumed with campaigning. But it turns out the Olympics and “The Donald” have a whole lot in common. Like Trump, the modern-day Olympics are a tempting blend of spectacle and speculation. But behind the shimmering scrims sit some brutal truths.


Humorous analogy. The difference of course is the terrible diseases, viruses and bacteria, that plague Rio right now. You would think they would change the location or postpone the Olympics, but no. The show must go on. If the Olympic big wigs have so much money they should have gone into Rio and cleaned it up.
It makes no sense to me that they would go forward with it knowing the illnesses that will happen and probably spread into the countries of the athletes.
Money truly is the root of all evil.