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Bottled Water Goes Off the Deep End


Bottled Water Goes Off the Deep End

Kate Fried

Because they peddle one of the most basic and ubiquitous resources on the planet, bottled water companies are notorious for manufacturing demand for their products, often by resorting to old Madison Avenue mind games, like exploiting our subconscious interest in exclusivity or by suggesting that their products are more pure than tap water.


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Maybe we should not continue to treat water as expendable or allow various industries to poison it at will......


Under various trade agreements being signed , it will not be long before their lawsuits by Corporations over such as they claim the public delivery of clean safe water interferes with their right to profits.


Not me. I've got natural springs in the tropical boonies, and I swear my health got better not drinking water out of plastic leaching bottles anymore. According to several bio-chemists, poly-carbonate, which many water bottles and household containers are made out of, is deadly. Causes cancer. They won't let family members even posses plastic pitchers, for example. So I use glass only.

I'm still a little worried about the corrosion of the well pipe and the PVC joints going to my house. It's very rusty and possibly getting a little salty with ocean rise. I filter it with a massive Carbon filter, but even that technology is unknown for human health. Also there's the 50 feet of PVC connections, of which the blue glue is a known cancer causer.



Strange story after Flint------Democracy Now had a great story about Nestle bottling water at no cost to the corporation just north of Flint. And how many people were getting their water shut off in Detroit because they couldn't afford the bill. And in Calif millionaire farmers use 85% of the water and pay next to nothing, while struggling families are fined for using too much.------And of course none of these issues have been raised in presidential debates in any meaningful way. Just like healthcare water should be a right! And it should be as clean as possible.


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