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Bounty on Its Head: Wikileaks Issues Bounty for Secret Text of US/EU Trade Pact


Bounty on Its Head: Wikileaks Issues Bounty for Secret Text of US/EU Trade Pact

Jon Queally, staff writer

The full text of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Agreement (TTIP) now has a bounty on its head.

Launched publicly on Tuesday, the media outlet Wikileaks announced its creation of a crowd-sourcing effort that aims to raise a €100,000 reward for the full text of the the TTIP, the corporate-friendly trade pact currently being negotiated in secret by the United States and member countries of the European Union.


Like a vampire, dragging this thing into the light will kill it.


Obama has killed his legacy by promoting this thing this evil vile monster…1 day years from now Obama will say he made a mistake signing that law…But now we all must suffer its consequences…His ties to Wall Street are not hidden away anymore…He sold us out.


Hats off Wikileaks! Send them money if you can.


Ingenious! What new technology allows us in the fight for democracy, like these internet news sources, is potentially a real game changer. And Wikileaks, bless you! The candidate Obama is vastly different from the President Obama. I would have never dreamed he would have promoted a secret trade agreement. Secrecy is everything democracy is not. Waiting with great anticipation for the text of the new trade agreement. Blow oligarchy INTO the water! Go transparency!


Let’s not–it pollutes all it touches.


Politicians paid to legislate in secret and paid to report what they were paid to keep secret. double dipping.


yuppers … Ye olde Giant Vampire Squid - nailed by Jeremy Scahill

This is fruition of premises set up in the court cases Dred Scott and Johnson v M’Intosh and hammered through PR to make colonization of any appointed target ‘second nature’ in political identity in the US - referencing the Old Testament as “the chosen”. This is nasty, nasty stuff people need to know too.


What say we make it “blow it into the sunlight” ? … and as Mairead notes, keep it out of our precious waters?


I just tried to contribute to wikileak’s effort and was blocked continually by an error msg. Anyone else having the same problem?


The Obama con never ceases to surprise me. After almost 2 terms, he is still able to fool sooooo many well meaning, intelligent people!


Obama sold us out about 8 years ago.


What passes for “well meaning and intelligent people” has degraded significantly. I feel that to be “well meaning and intelligent” one would have to make a minimal effort to inform oneself politically. Once that effort has been made, support for Obama becomes impossible.


I see that observation slightly differently. “Well meaning and intelligent people” and similar memes like ‘compassionate conservative’ have been researched and sold as a brand class identity that is completely different from the actual meaning. In the original meaning the effort would be more than minimal - it would be fully integrated into every aspect of life where direct experience also has full access to assure informed consent of the governed.


The assault by the "T"s on governance structure renders them fascist in the most essential sense of the term. These are the opposite of ‘competition’, the formal institutionalization of globalized enslavement.

The very attempt by corporations to do this renders the notions of ‘surreal’, of ‘conspiracy theory’ not only old fashioned but so far behind the curve as to be no longer relevant. It is REAL and it IS de facto a conspiracy.

The planet is changing very quickly and the mega powers are scrambling to glom onto what they regard as massive arms-backed chunks of it. This is ‘nature’ as ‘negative horizon’, nada, irrelevant; death wish writ large with fantasies of some dissociative, non-existant technological escape hatch. The tragedy is that these are powers that haven’t got the faintest inkling of the extent to which THEY ARE IGNORANT due to the inbred legacy of solipsistic hubris from extraction/exclusion/colonization.

It is the executioner model of “life”; life as being crippled by a virtual permanent delusional ecstatic state of ejaculation; the Roman vomitorium, the wastrel air-head, even a bloodhound tracking scent has a broader engagement with life.

There is such breadth and elegance

Thank you to life


Prostitutes cheating on their clients!


Is there any group further right than the Heritage Foundation? Yep, I’m sure there are, but this is their comment re: the TTIP. And then there is Julian. Not a source I find all that trustworthy. Just adding a copy and paste from the Heritage and wonder if those commenting have bothered to read the Heritage document or would bother if Julian succeeded in collect his million? It’s a bit old, but better than a list of knee jerk responses from those who will never contribute if they had the funds.

“Reserve Judgment on TTIP Agreement
In the case of TTIP, no agreement is preferable to a bad one. But it is too soon to form a full assessment of TTIP. Supporters of economic freedom and limited government should be prepared to support a TTIP that empowers consumers and opens market opportunities for entrepreneurs. But they should not start cheering for TTIP before they confirm conclusively that the agreement is not a Trojan horse for increased regulation and the importation of the EU’s managed market into the U.S. Such an agreement would be a bad deal for everyone, especially the United States.”


I’ve been hearing bits an pieces about this for almost a year and constantly hoping someone will post an article with more complete information; Good old Common Dreams to the rescue! Thank you so very much for doing the research on this scandalous “treaty” that clings desperately to what ever power our government can continue to grasp. Pass on the link to every thinking person you know.


Thanks Walt, LOL, for referring ne back to Julian’s original article, how cute. Though I’ve been around since Julian’s original posting sand read them and appreciated them, though as an Agent Orange widow I have a lot of knowledge about the US and war, I have no problem with Julian still remaining the equivalent as a captive in London and am wondering how he would actually use the million pounds if he was successful in finding enough fools other than his typical supporters as listed in the article.

As a person who lived through WWII, the “cold war” and a few others since then, I’m past curious all considering the current international circumstances about Julian’s relation to Putin, but though aged, I remain a reader and a curious person. Please return to the list of posters and their knee jerk comments about and issue they have obviously not bother to read prior to comments.


bless you. can you also do the same for info on the CIA s (Corporatocracy In Action) many black operations so that americans have a chance to wake up and realize where their tax and Drug Whore money goes?