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Bowe Bergdahl, US Soldier Held by Taliban, Charged With Desertion


Bowe Bergdahl, US Soldier Held by Taliban, Charged With Desertion

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the U.S. soldier who was released from Taliban captivity in a prisoner swap last year has been charged with desertion, the U.S. military announced during a short press conference at Fort Bragg, North Carolina on Wednesday.


It has been said that one GI suicide is unfortunate but that hundreds of them are a problem needing fixing. I think the same is true of desertion by any soldier in a pointless war that has now gone on for 14 years.


The people of Afghanistan and Iraq are not our enemy. They never did a damn thing to us.They were not responsible for 9/11. Saddam didn’t have weapons of mass destruction, or a nuclear program. We were sent into war with lies and deceit by criminals in our government. Why are so many people so stupid that they can’t realize this? In stead of shaking the finger of condemnation at a soldier who didn’t do a good job at fighting an illegal and immoral war, why don’t we investigate the big time criminals in Washington and put them behind bars where they belong?


Prairiedog you nailed it! One law for the ninety-nine percent, pretty much no laws at all to curb the top end of town. (Plenty of laws to protect them, of course.) After all, almost the only person jailed over US torture of its prisoners is the guy who blew the whistle on it.


The government is so twisted here. A prisoner exchange, five “evil” Taliban for one American soldier who then is charged with desertion with possibility of being put right back in prison. What’s the lesson here? USA government will go to any length to make an example of Bowe, to threaten other potential deserters. Knock down the individual who makes a stand against USA tyranny.
Used to be that only in Hollywood would this be believable.


Because nothing says ‘loyalty is a 2-way street’ by prosecuting a POW. I did my 20, and this official attack on a single soldier who spent 5 years in captivity is devastating for the morale of potential future prisoners of war. Imagine spending 5 years in captivity wondering if you’ll be re-jailed upon your release. Very Stalinist USSR. He killed off soldiers who had contact with the West.

If we’re going to prosecute under the UCMJ, let’s start with GEN. Petraeus.


I do not know all the details about Bowe Bergdahl’s alleged desertion, but I do know the Amerikan government is guilty of war crimes and of desertion of its citizens in Afghanistan. Too bad the American President and Congress cannot be court martialed.


Indeed! I am prepared, next time I’m called in for jury duty, to tell them I will vote for aquittal no matter what the defendant is charged with. It’s not fair to convict anybody until the war criminals responsible for countless murders are brought to justice.


And I’ll bet you get excused very quickly!