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Bowing to CIA Secrecy on JFK Assassination, Trump Blocks Release of the 'Good Stuff'


Bowing to CIA Secrecy on JFK Assassination, Trump Blocks Release of the 'Good Stuff'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Citing "national security" concerns, the president claimed he had "no choice" but to further delay the release of hundreds of documents


Preposterous. As with 99% of “national security” citings by those in power, this is the most ridiculous one yet. Come on, guys, try to put at least a modicum of effort into your excuses to cover up stuff that is embarrassing to the CIA/US Government. This is akin to “my dog ate my homework.” What else you got?


" Citing national security concerns, Trump claims he had no choice."

Translation: Hello" yes Mr. president this is the CIA calling, " who is calling?" My name is irrelevant" ! We are making you an offer you can’t refuse"!


True. When the government says, national security concerns, we all know what the fascists mean is: THEIR SECURITY CONCERNS!


For those too young or uninformed about the suspicious circumstances of the JFK assassination and its subsequent investigation, a good read is JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why it Matters by Jim Douglas. Once you examine why he died and why it matters all the finger pointing at Castro, LBJ, Texas oilmen, the KGB etc. becomes irrelevant disinformation distraction.
The book is richly footnoted with over 100 pages of such source information.


National Security concerns, come on! This happened 50+ years ago. Must be some juicy stuff implicating the CIA, FBI, or both for either being involved in the assassination or covering up and/or bungling the investigation.


Wow ! - What a surprise !


I agree about the Douglas book, and would add only my recommendation of “The Yankee and Cowboy War” by Carl Oglesby.


It’s an odd coincidence that the CIA has blocked release of the JFK Assassination documents during the anniversary week of the inexplicable crash of Senator Paul Wellstone’s plane. https://www.commondreams.org/further/2017/10/26/wellstones-legacy-doing-what-i-honestly-truthfully-believe-right


It wasn’t until years later (1972) when the Watergate Scandal broke and E Howard Hunt’s picture was all over the news that Kerry Thornley recognized Hunt as the man with whom he’d been discussing assassinating Kennedy weeks before the assassination.

That’s when Thornley decided to go to Washington to testify before the Warren Commission. Thornley subsequently complained that the Commission did not want to hear his testimony about Hunt but instead quizzed Thornley about “anything that could be used to make Oswald look psychologically damaged.”

Thornley had known Oswald when they served in the Marines together and when Oswald defected to the Soviet Union Thornley wrote his first book about his times with Oswald in post war Japan.


In my opinion, probably the best book ever written on the assassination of JFK.


There is no reason to believe that we will ever get the entire truth, in the same way that we won’t about WTC.
“We want the truth. We can’t handle the truth.”


‘…the whole Bay of Bigs thing…’


Once you understand what happen to Kennedy then you see he is not the only one and just how big it is. That and spooks control a lot of the wealth in the world.


“I was in Dallas when we got the son of a bitch, and I was in Los Angeles when we got the little bastard”- David Sánchez Morales, CIA


The headline is misleading and blame should not be placed on the CIA when the DJT admin/WH dropped the ball. Read the legislation regarding release of the records:

S.3006 - President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992

Link: https://www.congress.gov/bill/102nd-congress/senate-bill/3006

The truth of the matter is that DJT and the WH DID NOT ADHERE TO THE TENETS OF THE ACT wherein the materials are to be reviewed prior to release. They did not bother to read and review the Act beforehand, which is not at all surprising. BY LAW, this mandated review should have been conducted months before the scheduled release date. (and it is not as if there was not enough time: release was to be 2017 - 25 years)

An excerpt:

" Each Government office shall review, identify, and organize each assassination record in its custody or possession for disclosure to the public, review by the Board, and transmission to the Archivist. Requires any Government office, in carrying out such activities, to: (1) determine which of its records are assassination records; (2) determine which of its assassination records have been disclosed or publicly available in a complete and unredacted form; (3) determine which of its assassination records, or particular information contained in such a record, was created by a third agency or by another Government office, and transmit to a third agency or other government office those records, or complete and accurate copies thereof; (4) determine whether its assassination records or particular information in assassination records are covered by the standards for postponement of public disclosure under this Act; (5) organize and make available to the Board all identified assassination records the public disclosure of which in whole or in part may be postponed under this Act; (6) organize and make available to the Board any record concerning which the office has any uncertainty as to whether the record is an assassination record governed by this Act; (7) give priority to the identification, review, and transmission, of all assassination records publicly available or disclosed as of the date of enactment of this Act in a redacted or edited form; (8) give priority to the identification, review, and transmission, under standards for postponement set forth in this Act, of assassination records that on the date of enactment are the subject of litigation under the Freedom of Information Act; and (9) make available to the Board any additional information and records that the Board has reason to believe it requires for a review under this Act."


Of course …

Trump had “no choice” …

But why would our government hide this information for 75 years…
unless it was involved in the assassination of JFK …

and had been protecting the perpetrators and the cover up all this time …

and those who actions allowed them to take over our government?

Fascism was moved into the US at the end of WWII …
America won the war against Germany, but not against fascism.

See: Operation Mockingbird, Paperclip, Gladio
and of course the CIA program for Mind Control of the American public…
MKULTRA - a program of psychological and physical torture.


We are presented smokescreen after smokescreen while the cabal of criminals in the WH is busy installing fascist ideology in the US…



One thing that Clinton did right and which he paid a high price for was bringing the history of nuclear experiments on citizens and institutionalize people under one agency. They were held by various agencies and people that were trying to find out what happened to themselves or family found it impossible. It was a bold move.


I would also suggest Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA, by Tim Weiner, for a thorough background on this incident, among scores of others in our nation’s shady history.