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Bowing to CIA Secrecy on JFK Assassination, Trump Blocks Release of the 'Good Stuff'


In other words, they are afraid of the truth. They are afraid of us.
We who lived through those dark days have been waiting a long time for the truth. We deserve to know. It sure looks like they are waiting for us all to die off first. We codgers are no threat to “national security”, whatever the hell that means!


…Or let’s wait for the perps to die before we have to prosecute 90 year olds.


James W… Douglass


Little Donnie Redacto, wised up before releasing the “Good Stuff.”

Probably learned that in Military School.


A bitter irony… Like old detectives, I believe in coincidence hypothetically, but it is rare.


He did many things right. He did many things wrong. In all fairness, you will find that to be true of almost all Presidents. Trump is a special case, however.


Mr. Douglas Horne of the ARRB on the coverup of the assassination of JFK. If you’ve got 6½ hours to spare it is well worth watching.

But if not, at least watch this where he talks about the Zapruder film:


The certainty is, that this murder, in broad daylight, in front of the world media was a staged inside job. “But, just who?” is the only question that will never be “allowed”. Allowed by whom? Ditto.


Every American including Trumpsters should read this book. It is a real eye opener and will change the way a person looks at our country’s government and its agencies. The reader will get a peak behind the curtain and see TPTB that really run this country.


Additional references regarding who’s been manipulating this country, and how, for the past 100 years, are discussed during this hour long engagement by Jay Dyer. It’s well worth the time:

Hollywood is a Collapsing Covert Operation – Jay Dyer Campaign for Liberty Speech – Oct 13, 2017 – 21stCenturyWire


CIA and JFK for 1000? Who is James Angleton, Alex!


Conspiracy theory, and conspiracy theorist has been reported to be first used in 1967 by the CIA as a way to discredit eyewitness accounts when the eyewitness was close to the truth. Don’t believe there lying eyes. With the main stream propaganda media running cover ( Walter Cronkite the most trusted man in America, Big F**KING Liar), narrative fixing the narrative. How convenient, fake news!


The British keep records secret for 30 years (although a request can be made for early release) but that can be extended on instructions of government departments. The full disclosure of the 1936 abdication of the nazi-sympathiser Edward 8th will not be released until 2037.


Dr. Jenna told Kris the same thing about O.J! Yeah, I will be glad when I can get back to my yoga. Thanks. P.


OOPS! Sorry, Flanigan 2.


We can handle the truth. The truth is funneling out as technology is breaking barriers that has prevented the truth from ever surfacing. The truth will be classified as the new term, fake news by the propaganda media so as to distract you. Just sift through the news online it is there, Lucid Dreamer.


Hilarious!! The absurdity, if Lee Harvey did it alone as the Government and Media(peter jennings and his ilk) has been telling us for 50 years, what possible national security implications can there be? Is it because David Cop-o-Feel is the only person in the USA in that age group who doesn’t know exactly where they were when the news came or was Davy standing in front of the book depository as pictured…keep talking about anthem protests America, that’s your speed


There’s the truth, and there’s knowing what do with it.


The use of the phrase “conspiracy theory” has been around far longer than 1967. Far longer than the CIA. The idea that it was invented by the CIA is an easily debunked…conspiracy theory.


In the above picture, did anyone else notice that there were no secret service personnel riding on the back bumper of JFK’s Presidential Lincoln? Why?