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Boy Scouts Jamboree Compared to Hitler Youth Rally After Trump's Speech


Boy Scouts Jamboree Compared to Hitler Youth Rally After Trump's Speech

Julia Conley, staff writer

The annual Boy Scout Jamboree faced comparisons to a Hitler Youth Rally following President Donald Trump's speech at the event on Monday night. The president spoke to 24,000 Scouts ranging in age from 12 to 18, as eight presidents have before him. Unlike previous presidents, however, Trump appeared to view the event as an opportunity to slam his political opponents and the news media, call for "loyalty," and rail against the "cesspool" of Washington, D.C., as the audience cheered.


Why didn’t those in the Boy Scout organization who made the decision for Trump to speak at the Jamboree have the sense to know that that would be a HORRIBLE decision? Or, having made the decision, why didn’t they take his microphone away when he started to go “off course”?

Scout leaders have given their organization a “black eye” that will NOT be forgotten soon! Our son was a scout several decades ago, and had such an incident occurred BEFORE he became one, we would have PREVENTED him from joining!


Because every President speaks to the Boy Scouts. There are times when you have to ignore the occupant and merely acknowledge the office.

The press does a Godwin’s Law again and will lose in the court of public opinion. The Boy Scouts aren’t controlled by Trump, or Trump’s party, so the analogy to “Hitler Youth” fails.

This is why the Right clings to Trump - because there is no sense of scale to the criticism. Everything becomes “Nazi”, everything becomes the “worst ever”. All this kind of story does is drive his base further into his arms. If you want to bring him down, concentrate on real issues and alternatives,not just calling him and those who are merely listening to him (not that they had much of a choice) as Nazis.


There IS such a thing to making AN EXCEPTION to a Tradition–based on
using your COMMON SENSE!! Or don’t you folks HAVE ANY?!!!


I thought I was old having been a boy scout a bit less than several (four and a half) decades ago. It was a very different organization in those days. The “adults” would let us sing the “Fixin’ to Die Rag” around the campfire in those days…


Sorry, but I Godwin’ Law only applies to inappropriate or over-the-top comparisons to Hitler in internet discourse. The comparison was perfectly apt in this case. And while the national office may make a few “liberal” gestures regarding gays, and diversity (there is, or at least in past jamborees, was even a inflatable mosque-tent at the jamboree site), the great majority of the individual troops these days are pretty hard core strident-right-wing.

And all the alternatives we bring up are dismisses as “socialism”. And no, I have yet to meet Trump voter in my Trumpist region who would have voted for Bernie Sanders.


Who are “you folks”? I didn’t vote for Trump…


Can’t imagine that at any time anyone would have had the power to remove a president
– Trump or anyone else – from a microphone while speaking publicly to a group.
Could only be done covertly and pre-planned in my estimation.

What’s lastingly important is what is done about this now.
Why get 24,000 Boy Scouts together at any rate?
And how do these young boys – presumably not coached and not political at that age –
come to be shouting “USA” … “USA”… in response to this political speech by Trump.

Putting males and uniforms together at any time is a very dangerous idea, imo.


Trump’s base - at least half of them who elected him - seem to now be part of the movement
to impeach him.

The USA and Trump aren’t the first we’ve seen of Nazi behavior in the US - it begins with
Operation Mockingbird, Operation Paperclip and Operation Gladio before the end of WWII.
And MKULTRA is very much based in Nazi programs and projects which went forward here
secretly under Allen Dulles/CIA.

Nothing is being sensationalized here anymore that those who saw the truth behind Hitler at
that time were sensationalizing his own writings and speeches. The people of Germany came
under the grip of fear, terror, abuse and torture and finally it was too late.


Although, the uniforms are quite “casual” compared to the old days.


I’d also point out that the Nixon Administration studied and introduced Nazi-like behavior and discourse
into our political arena long ago and throughout the GOP … they were in fact studying Nazi propaganda
in the White House basement. See: High Treason by Jim Marrs


Well, I wasn’t suggesting that they were decked out with skull & crossbones or lightning bolts …


If you can’t see the parallels between Trump’s rise to power and Hitler’s then you are blind. Driving his supporters further into his arms? Is that even possible?

In my lifetime I have not witnessed such a rapid emergence of right wing ideology. Trump not only stoked the hate of religious right for power, but brought White Nationalists and Dominionists into his administration.

And this is to be ignored?


It’s all a distraction, right?


Trump’s speech to the Boy Scouts @ the jamboree? Happy, healthy, well-adjusted presidents do not behave like this. There is something very wrong mentally with this one.

And the response of many of the scouts with apparently the encouragement of some parents and leaders? Totalitarian regimes are built on the foundation of youth indoctrination.


Trump being Trump. He will do anything at any time. The " appropriateness " of the moment has about as much to do with this, as a longwinded discussion of proper knot tieing techniques would have, at a vigilante hanging at high noon. Just more crowd baiting and setting up of the big finale. It was another show and expect Trump to do many more of them. Think Saudi Arabia public beheadings here and you begin to understand the public relations aspect of all this right wing agitprop.
This also looked scripted to show Trump in front of a large roaring crowd, as well. This is how he puts people who oppose him, back on their heels. He intimidates them in front of para-mitary and military groups and then lets the opposition use their imaginations. These are Trump’s supposed shock troops. He believes that, imo. Who just happen to be your neighbor’s children and grandchildren. The mediums he chose were all part of his messages. And, there were several of them at the jamboree😣 last night.


Tomorrow Belongs to Me!
*That is one scary clip!
*People get all uptight when anybody compares what is going on with the rise of Hitler in the '30’s. Yet if you study the rise of the Reich, and read stories by people who lived through it, there isn’t that much difference.
*People say there is no comparison, Hitler killed millions, we’ve just had a few deaths here, a few synagogues burned. Everyone forgets that once Hitler had a very small score of kills in his name. Just thugs who beat up rallies and voting stations, trashed Jewish run stores and occasionally killing someone.
*It wasn’t until Hitler became Reichkanzler that it became wholesale, but always under the rubric that he was protecting Germany from Communism, from labor unions, from excesses from the church, from the Jews, the Slavs, the Romany, and anybody else who might object to what was going on.
*After Hitler’s “911” when the SS burned the Reichstag building and blamed it on a Dutch Communist, he put the “Enabling Acts” (Hitler’s version of the Patriot Act in the US) into order, which effectively removed the civil and constitutional rights of the German People, for their own protection, of course.
*It was pretty much downhill from there on, leading to WW-II, tens of millions dead, and the atomic bomb.
*Deja vu all over again!


The demented dimwit got yet another adulation fix, which should keep him on an even-keel for a few days. Bannon, his puppetmaster knows when Caligula is going to derail and organizes events to sate the rapacious appetite for “adoration” held by his desperate marionette.


The evil fascist fraud prez and his evil lackeys Must be Resisted, Opposed, Rebelled against, at every opportunity! This Must be a People’s effort! World Peace and saving Mother Earth are at stake!


And the Boy Scouts booed!