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Boy Scouts Jamboree Compared to Hitler Youth Rally After Trump's Speech


President Trump and his twisted sentiments fit perfectly well with the boy scouts. From its inception the boy scouts (and its predecessor in the UK the boy guides) has been nothing less than a paramilitary youth auxiliary. The uniforms with their merit badges, insignia of rank, and customs reek of the same kind of mind control one experiences in military basic training. Those who want their children (of either gender) to learn basic camping skills and a love of the outdoors would do well to avoid the Nurmberg rally atmosphere of boy scout jamborees.


I’m 76 years old, born on the 4th of July, was an Eagle Scout who went to two world Jamborees, and am a Vietnam Veteran.

To politicize a speech to the scouts is unforgivable.

The Boy Scouts of America and of the world should make an issue of Trump’s disgusting behavior.


I went to two jamborees as a Scout. I have only wonderful memories of my experiences.

Having said that, I am fully aware that our country is drifting more and more to the reactionary, fascistic right.


I’ve seen and heard those speeches. Damn good thing DT sucks at speechifying. Hitler knew how to work a crowd. Being a dictator for very long requires a talented pro, carnival barkers need not apply.


Well, not removing the president, but telling him to Speed it Up



Actually it began with the genocide of the Native Americans. And Hitler liked the USA for that. And slavery–of course.


President Trump’s remarks to the assembled youth at the BSA annual jamboree were at best, despicable. He continues to abase and disgrace his office with his crude, ill conceived comments during almost every tweet and public appearance. God save America from this sociopathic, arrogant, self-serving, snake oil salesman. Wake up America, the fox is in the hen house, the wolf is at the door and the Russians are coming. President Trump is living proof that your vote does count. Your failure to make an informed vote may count even more!


Hey, why not? I mean, in the early Trump rallies his idiot supporters were known to raise their right arm in a salute that looked a lot like a Nazi rally. Apparently, one of the less stupid Trump campaign members noticed it and thought they should stop due to the association with Hitler.
Of course Trump would hijack the meaning of the Boy Scout jamboree and turn it into an event to glorify himself and his ruinous agenda. Plus, we find out that he has dragged the name of his own son into the Russian connection investigation. What a disgusting piece of filth Donald J. Trump is. He will only get worse and he and his appalling regime represent a great threat to what is left of our county and to the world. I am deeply ashamed of the U.S. for turning into a regressive, mean-spirited nation where 63 million people actually voted this corrupt, shameless, incompetent shit gibbon into the Oval Office. I will NEVER accept that he is the real president. Never.


Tricky Dick’s Inner Circle - Haldemann, Ehrlichmann, and Kleindienst were referred to as “Nixon’s Nazis”.


Fishing for irony here - were any of the trio you mentioned Jewish?


Stick to the issues? Okay. What about the free press? Trump says it is the enemy of the people. Is that a statement of a fascist or what? What about immigration? There is the Muslim ban. Substitute Jews (Germany in the 1930s) with Muslims (fascists in the US today). What about race? Trump’s political strategist and former campaign manager is Steve Bannon, a former executive of Braitbart News which Bannon says is the platform of the alt-right a name given to white supremacists by coat-and-tie neo-Nazi Richard Spencer. Sounds like fascism to me. Trump’s speeches drip with fascism, saying things are terrible, blaming certain racial or ethnic groups and claiming he alone can fix it. It is almost impossible to make over the top criticisms of Trump. Almost any criticism, no matter how harsh, has a firm basis. Trump himself has praised several dictators including Putin, Saddam, and Kim-Jong un. While Trump is of course not exactly like Hitler there are too many similarities to dismiss. Unfortunately we are forced to assume we are dealing with another Hitler and do whatever we can to resist what Trump is trying to accomplish, or perhaps more accurately, destroy.


Did the BSA leadership actually expect Trump to give an inspiring speech?


After a brief check, I could find no evidence of any of them being Jewish. The fact is that Nixon was an anti-Semite and I find it difficult to believe that he would have taken someone of the Jewish persuasion into his “Inner Circle”.
And, yes, Rethugs are sometimes staggeringly ironic.


All sadly true; cept, the fascist insane orange fraud is NOT “prez”!


The Boy Scouts of Amerika has always been a puffed up, pseudo-patriotic organization. That the “pure” ones were supporting Trump comes as no surprise.


The Nazi stuff is a little over the top. Clinton supports most of Trump’s foreign policy and if anything is more of a war monger.


Ok … here are some suggestions -
Stop cooperating with Elites and capitalism –

We are all labor and must unite under that banner.
Nor do we need corporate or government permission to unite as labor.
Stop the practice of animal eating which is only harming human health.
Pull the plug on cable TV.
Move assets into community banks and/or credit unions.
And so forth –


The Nazi stuff isn’t over the top – it was introduced into our government by Allen Dulles via
Operation Mockingbird, Paperclip, Gladio even before the end of WWII and run out of CIA.

And CLINTON is exactly the point – both of our political parties are owned and controlled by
Elites and have been for decades. At the least since the assassination of President Kennedy
which also took our “people’s” government.

You are voting on hack-able computers which can be remotely manipulated and that has been
true over the last 50 years as they were introduced in late 1960’s and immediately began
delivering very odd and unbelievable results. The large computers used by MSM came in
about 1965 and what they can do was made clear in 2000. They gave MSM immense new
power to call “winners” and “losers” based on 1% or even 0% of the vote, though before the
computers the networks were only permitted to report actual vote tallies.


Not sure of your reply, but Ronnie seemed to have woken up for a few seconds and
next thing he was felled by assassination attempt which seemed to permanently put
GHW Bush in the president’s seat.

Puppets aren’t supposed to wake up.


When I was young my grandparents came to live with us on a farm in Southern Illinois. They had escaped Nazi Germany in 1939. When I appeared one day in my summer Boy Scout uniform, brown shorts and shirt, my Grandfather went ape shit and couldn’t stand to see me dressed so, and implored me to take off the uniform. Of course it reminded him of the Hitler Youth movement. It took a lot of effort on my part to convince him it was not the same. I hope I didn’t lie to him.