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Boycott is Best Response to Illegal Israeli Killings


Boycott is Best Response to Illegal Israeli Killings

Omar Barghouti

Today, Palestinians everywhere will commemorate the 1947-1949 Nakba (Arabic for catastrophe) – the ethnic cleansing of the majority of indigenous Palestinians from our homeland and the systematic destruction of hundreds of our villages and towns to establish Israel as an exclusionary state.


BDS helped bring down African apartheid.

Whatever little bit we as individuals can do will help.


Looks like most of the victims were Hamas operatives.


Clearly, it is affecting the Zionist apartheid state that rules Palestine. The reaction gets more irrational and powerful to this global solidarity movement based in Palestine. The Palestinians can win this thing. And when they do, the whole world wins.

Solidarity and BDS!


We used to boycott Jaffa Oranges - Are there other products we could avoid consuming in order not to support to this racist regime? And forget going to the “Song Contest”


They were unarmed and protesting peacefully. Shouldn’t Israel be welcoming Hamas adopting the tactics of Gandhi and King?

Not that after years of oppression, armed struggle is not justified; else, why don’t we regard George Washington and the Continental Army as “terrorists”?

You are defending the indefensible. Are you even human at all?


Just look for the Israel label on any produce you buy - or any other product.


Try the website: Who Profits is dedicated to exposing the commercial involvement of companies in the continuing Israeli control over Palestinian and Syrian land.
[Search domain www.whoprofits.org] https://www.whoprofits.org


Sabra Hummus




I’ve said this before…I can’t remember which medicine the dr put me on, but because it came from an Israeli company, I wouldn’t take it. Damn them all to Hell. I wish I knew more to do to hurt them.


Well, at least what one side claims. I’ve been to a few peaceful protests there was no smoke rising and no burning tires were rolling down the street.

Pretty amazing tho, how out of 60 dead, 50 were Hamas operatives.

Here’s what’s really happening. Hamas is infiltrating agitators into those demonstrations, they provoke the Israeli side. The operatives get shot, a few other civilians get killed as well, then Hamas mouthpieces show up in front of cameras expressing their indignation. It’s tactic they have to use. Were it not for Hamas, Israeli Jews and Arabs would have been living in peace since the 90s.

It happens all the time, and some people always fall for it.


Thank you, catsma (as in mom?)…

I needed that list. Thankfully, out of everything I read, I use only one of all those companies…:disappointed_relieved: my signature perfume for almost half a century…alas… I’ll try to stay current on all this. I didn’t see typical Jewish foods listed like a tahini or Yehuda products.


Happy to help. Maybe some items that are clearly marked as Israeli-made are not on the list. I know that I always check, when buying something like tahini or feta, that it isn’t an Israeli product. Yep, it’s ‘mom’. :slightly_smiling_face: