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Boycott Trump


Boycott Trump

Mattea Kramer

In normal times, Dee from New York would have ordered her copy of The Handmaid’s Tale from Amazon, but these are not normal times. Amazon is on the Grab Your Wallet list, a campaign to boycott retailers that sell Trump family products, which began as a response to the video revealing our now-president’s penchant for grabbing women "by the pussy." Dee bought her book from a smaller retailer instead.


Smart woman! The Resistance on a personal level!

Don’t buy Trump!


It would be nice if all these boycotts and disruptions result in real power and influence. However, I don’t think it matters as long as it in fact does noticeably diminish rump’s profits. He’ll notice that and it will piss him off. We can at least get that much satisfaction. If a business around where I live even seems like it might be run by conservatives, I don’t spend my money there. Money is all they care about.


Amazon directly mistreats everyone involved in publishing, including
its customers. Even if Amazon stops selling certain products that are
associated with nastiness, please don’t make the mistake of supporting
Amazon itself!

See stallman.org/amazon.html for more information.