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#BoycottIndiana Turns Up the Heat


#BoycottIndiana Turns Up the Heat

Ruth Conniff

The threat of a nationwide boycott on the eve of the NCAA Final Four basketball tournament sent Republicans in Indiana scrambling to amend their anti-LGBT Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Now Governor Mike Pence, who signed the Act last week, has signed an amendment that specifically declares businesses cannot use it as cover to discriminate against LGBT people.

That pretty much undoes the law’s purpose.


The whole series of events shows how rightwing Republicans have been left behind in a nation that has come to embrace gay marriage and LGBT rights.

Left behind? Was this officer asleep during the 2014 elections? Has no one told her who is in charge of both the Judicial and Legislative branches of our federal government? Whose asses does she think Democrats have been kissing ever since Reagan took office?



“The Act’s original sponsors are incensed.”

Well, perhaps they could put forward legislation to set up “bigot blocks”, clearly marked areas where bigot businesses could set up shop and refuse to serve anyone they hate.


This whole brouhaha shows the complete nonsense of laws in many States in the USA, whose purpose seems to be to interfere with people’s private lives. Unless people are performing gross sex acts in public (of any sort) whose business is it what their private sex lives involve between consenting adults? Real Christians, in my view, would concentrate on avoiding war, violence, cruelty to children (and women, and men, in marriage or cohabitation), not on private behaviour involving sex or drugs, if there is no coercion involved.


“Even in Indiana, rightwingers can no longer proclaim their vision of America as a closed-minded, conservative Christian nation.”

Thank you, Ms. Conniff for mentioning “the unmentionable,” and most obvious 3rd rail that I am yet to see anyone else address in any CD comment thread. The ones who feign Leftist are Christian Conservatives IN the closet.


It was the idea of sex AS original sin that enabled the church to torture human beings into submission for centuries. Convinced that sex was a mortal sin or that temptation belonged to “the devil” it is still chiefly this deeply embedded superstition that allows patriarchal systems of control TO control citizens. Sex is the strongest drive short of securing basic survival. As Wilhelm Reich came to understand, to control persons is to control their natural instincts, sex chief among those. And how can that be done without fear of an enemy. Why is it that in war an enemy is often referred to as “the great Satan.” This PR is the longest running “anti-terrorism” campaign of HIS-tory. Of course, in matrilineal societies where men have no claim to the OWNERSHIP of women and children, sex is enjoyed … there is no need to establish the patrilineal claims of all fathers.