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BP Greenwashes the Olympics … Again


BP Greenwashes the Olympics … Again

Andy Rowell

As the Olympic Games officially opened last Friday, oil giant BP placed a two-third of a page advert in the global business newspaper, the Financial Times, featuring its sponsorship of Team GB, the British Olympic team.

“The dreaming. The training. The waiting. The hoping. The best of luck to Team GB. Its time to harness the #Energywithin,” ran the strap-line.


Good. That gives me all the more reason to hope for some heartbreaking disappointment to be inflicted on the athletes of that country.


BP is exhibiting the false apologetics and rhetoric of corporate capitalism, pretending that supporting the Olympics, or charity X absolves them of their crimes against humanity.
Corporate capitalism hates democracy and social responsibility. But it can't say this out loud, except in inner circle meetings of like minded sociopaths.
Let's stop accepting this false dialogue that progress equals destruction, lying and corruption.
The monster must be unseated, and we all have our roles to play.
Leave the center of politics that feeds this beast while claiming otherwise.