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BP Plans to Keep It in the Ground, Sort Of

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/10/bp-plans-keep-it-ground-sort


If Oil prices rebound , BP will suddenly change its tune and keeping it in the ground will no longer be a consideration. This is just PR. Exploiting these resources is no longer as financially viable as it once was so they try and earn brownie points with the public,

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Selling (snake) oil


Dear Robin,
thank you fr your bit of doubt.
Here, we are laughing at this pronouncement.
A good guy, I am here, respecting you, PR retail sale.

The BP refinery in Whiting, Indiana,next tochicago, uses tar sand oil that arrives for about $13 / barrel the last time i looked.
They refine diesel and aircraft fuel.

Yep. Like Britain’s carbon neutrality by ‘2050’ (which Greta Thunberg rightly calls 'counter-productive in a few ways, for it is no where near soon enough, so is not AWAKE to the crisis, but seems to appease greenish people, this action still does not recognise the radical and unequivocal action needed! Indeed, it could be them playing a game!

So they’re temporarily losing money on drilling, and they use the slow down in profiteering to do some greenwashing. We need a stronger virus – that’ll really reduce demand for oil.

This is Big Energy Piddle-Down. They figure they HAVE TO sell us oil (no, they DON’T have an alternative plan, as risky as their Plan A is becoming, they HAVE NO PLAN B). They think they MUST destroy the Earth as it is, if their BOTTOM LINE depends on that destruction, WHICH IT DOES.

They COULD HAVE started doing this kind of alternate plan DECADES ago, back when they started to understand the science of Climate Change/Global Warming, but they delayed, Pollyanning the EXPECTED CONSEQUENCES THAT EVEN THEIR OWN SCIENTISTS SAID WOULD HAPPEN IF WE CONTINUED AS WE WERE…

No cutting their drilling THEN, by Gawd. No, instead they invented LIES ON END, to supposedly “welcome” the high co2 world that was on its way. Co2 “helps” plants to grow, they said (but um, NOT if you need to be growing FOOD, it’s been shown). And a “warmer” world might be of more “comfort” (note they said “warmer,” not the true state: BLISTERING HOT).

But no, their SACRED BOTTOM LINE took the stage, as it has always done and will always do, spoiling the plans of any random SANE people they might have employed along with the INSANELY GREEDY PROFITERS they conceive themselves to be.

Are you spotting an um, BIAS in my concept of the role of Energy Companies? Well deserved, I assure you. Well deserved indeed…