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Brace Yourself for Unhealthy Air


Brace Yourself for Unhealthy Air

Gretchen Goldman

Yesterday the Trump administration started chipping away at one of the strongest science-based public health protections we have in the country.


How can you have a third world nation without air pollution ?

The downward spiral continues.


The “Pro-Pollution” party of the Duopoly is tightening the hangman’s noose around their own necks by taking these steps.

If, the Democrats are smart, and I say if with great doubt, they will use this moniker, “The Pro-Pollution Party” to drum into the population and equate it with increases in diseases that are killing people in increasing numbers.

If his “base” cannot identify with that, they’re too far gone already.

Most will understand.


These actions have the Koch brothers written all over them. This is a textbook example of their extreme libertarian views. To achieve their dream of economic liberty the air of the United States will not be fit to breathe. I guess the economic winners in the Koch brother’s view of America will stay inside and breathe filtered air. Is their plan for a dystopian United States crazy? I would say so. They are so obsessed with wanting economic liberty they are willing to destroy civilization to obtain it which is manifested by their view that climate change isn’t real, because it if was that would mean government regulations, and in the deranged view of these radical right wingers that would be unacceptable.


At the risk of sounding like a broken record, please allow me to state one glaringly obvious fact:

This relentless deconstruction of environmental, consumer and legal protections and regulations would not be proceeding in a Democratic Administration. The various Departments
would not be headed by the very ideologues dedicated to the the sabotage of their own agencies. I am speaking here of Domestic issues, everyday quality of life issues.


Under the belief system that is part of that “Free Market” cult , people who want clean air to breathe should have to PAY for it. Why should they expect this for free?




There can be no doubt that pollution mitigation remedies are best done at the source, where contaminants are reasonably contained. Once released to the environment, the second law of thermodynamics guarantees that the cost of mitigation is increased. Since our lungs are serving as scrubbers for the Koch brothers, I suggest we send the pirates a hefty bill. Economic externalities are a bitch and the main reasons that regulations were drafted in the first place.


I have to strongly disagree.

I suggest you look at how regulations under Obama actually worked. The vast majority were hand-slap “settlements” that changed nothing and his appointments were pretty shaky. (See Deep Water Horizon disaster, et.al.)

It should also be remembered that he was, among other things, a proponent of “reimagining government” created by Clinton/Gore to downsize and privatize essential federal functions and/or dump them on states without funding. And there was cap-and-trade of course, which paid corporations and governments to push around carbon-fed air pollution while it continued to grow…and the fattening of the Polluting Pentagon, fracking…etc., ad nauseam.

My point is that the Dems are as owned as the Rethugs; they just are better at covering it up. Hell, the Rethugs don’t even try because they know they no longer have to. Capitalist totalitarianism is now well-entrenched as the political economy of the U.S. and much of the world.


Well, I guess we just have to disagree. Scott Pruitt, Jeff Sessions, Betsy DeVos, Ryan Zinke, Ben Carson, Sonny Perdue and the rest, are finishing off what is left of protections for the people and the environment. It is much worse now.

Your second paragraph blames Clinton/Gore for some of the things that were done by Bush/Cheney, but you fail to mention them at all. Or the man who started it all…Reagan!


I failed to mention Rethugs because their perfidy is a given. However, there seems to be an on-going illusion that Dems are qualitatively different. They simply aren’t.


Answer: Mother Nature provides it for free.


Yea, right up until that cult insists that only by PRIVATIZING those things Mother nature provided for free can those things be protected. They did this with Land, they do this with the Animal Kingdom (allow people to OWN Rhino’s as private property and it in their best interests to protect them is a meme) ,and they doing this with water.


The American People need to start talking to climate deniers on this CRUCIAL QUESTION: do they realize our live on this planet is more threatened by their actions?

IT IS TIME to get realistic and practical with these ostriches:

WE WILL HAVE AN UNLIVABLE PLANET for all our children and grandchildren, if unified action is not done.

WE NEED TO SPEAK WITH A UNIFIED VOICE on this fellow Americans.

These actions from the current White House are CRIMES AG HUMANITY and all living forms to exist on our planet.

Priscilla Rich, Exec Dir, TransitionExpress.vpweb.com, Danville CA
a 501 c3 non-profit with a Contest now getting launched during 3 seasons yearly, moving out of CA as well.


" . . . President Trump has ordered the EPA to make several sweeping changes to how it implements ambient air pollution standards."

Thank you Gretchen!
Throughout, you use the accurate phrase “air pollution standards,” rather than the official euphemism, “air quality standards” (as in “National Ambient Air Quality Standards,” or “NAAQS”). In so doing you undermine subtle terminological spin that has favored industrial dumpers over citizens for half a century.