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'Bravo!' 'Great News!': Cheers as European Investment Bank Unveils Proposal to Stop Funding Fossil Fuel Projects

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/26/bravo-great-news-cheers-european-investment-bank-unveils-proposal-stop-funding

Oh joy. More EIB money available for privatization.

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When a bank or other large corporation says they are going to do the right thing, you have to ask …“What’s the catch?”


Far too little Way too late!


The guy who wrote this is he trying to make Camarillo great again. One thing these haters forget. If we do not obey the “Golden Rule” then none of us is safe. We do unto others as we would have others do unto us. I do not wish to live in a dog-eat-dog world.

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I don’t know if this action will change the minds of others, but I hope so, so thank you European Investment Bank-----it’s a start and you are the first giant business to move in this direction----Maybe a 16 year old girl has started the way forward! Hurry , hurry, as this direction shows promise. . Greta Thunberg ----a little child does lead them. : )

Somewhere along the line, it seems you forgot the point you wanted to make. What am I missing?

The State of Science in the Trump Era (2019)

Damage Done, Lessons Learned, and a Path to Progress
Union of Concerned Scientists


They haven’t done anything yet IBID ~

"As McDowell said in the video, the proposal still needs the nod of approval of the EIB’s board of directors, which is comprised of E.U. finance ministers. They are set to discuss the proposal in September."

Greta Thundberg is a young woman - not a girl.

If we have been reduced to cheering banks, we’re in even more trouble than I thought possible.

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Since this article is in the climate section - some new and disturbing news:

Direct observations of submarine melt and subsurface geometry at a tidewater glacier D. A. Sutherland1,*, R. H. Jackson2,†, C. Kienholz3, J. M. Amundson3, W. P. Dryer3, D. Duncan4, E. F. Eidam5, R. J. Motyka3,6, J. D. Nash2 See all authors and affiliations Science 26 Jul 2019: Vol. 365, Issue 6451, pp. 369-374 DOI: 10.1126/science.aax3528

"They observed melt rates up to a hundred times larger than those predicted by theory, observations that compel us to reevaluate predictions of such ice loss."

That kind of caught my attention.

Hi manysunnits:
But the fact that this is considered at all ----is itself a miracle. I think of all of us as girls and boys until 18, because that’s when all the crap falls and the laws change and people of that age are considered adults at 18. I don’t use the word , girl , to demean----but to remind people that she is not an adult yet, even though she is more insightful than many adults. It’s more of a state of mind—when all things are possible. : )


It IS only a PROPOSAL, after all . . .

“Between the idea   And the reality   Between the motion   And the act   Falls the Shadow"
— T. S. Elliot

. . . and there ARE government entities involved, so:

“Don’t count your boobies before they are hatched.” — James Thurber.

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Although progress, it is never a good idea when a bank announces they know what is best for you but doesn’t provide the details. The showing that they understand the issue, or what they see as the next step.

two ‘mm’'s IBID ~ por favor ?

‘Teenagers’ - a modern invention, i.e., false premise.

Following puberty - young adulthood, Nature’s Way - not my opinion. A method of control used by our terminally sick society, imo.

Are you kidding me IBID - she is more insightful that 99% of adults, and that may prove to be an understatement.

Courage - Boundless - avis raris -

Cause - Greta has nailed it - a cause to counter the facile cause of the Trump minions - a real cause - one that will transform society and what is left of civilization - but not necessarily for the better.

We in the First World are Bubble People - the Bubble is now imploding like a ten mass star in the initial stage of supernova.

There will be a circum-stellar remnant of exotic material left over - and finally a dark star at the center, with its event horizon disk and polar jets.

Don’t mind me IBID - I’m in an expansive mood this morning.

“The sense of wonder is the mark of the philosopher”, said someone, long ago, or perhaps it was recently - it doesn’t matter - the truth of it however, matters a lot.

A people without hope, without wonder, without a cause - without a lifestyle that fulfills - that is what the few left who are fighting this insanity are up against.

It is why JFK and the MoonShot worked - an instantly recognizable challenge of meaning and power by a charismatic leader in the mythic mold.

This followed the Bay of Pigs - it followed the usurped attempt by the powers that be to depose FDR - and later, the same or similar powers did in fact assassinate both JFK and his brother, who would have, unless I miss my guess, filled Leavenworth to overflowing with the powers that were.

Bit here we are - post Political Apocalypse - post democracy - with only a crudely effective spin-produced facsimile of representative government in that filthy wake.

What to do - fight.


Her a discussion from Physics dot org:

Underwater glacial melting is occurring at higher rates than modeling predicts

There’s no ‘catch’. They realize the reality is that they will lose money on those investments. They see the handwriting on the wall. We are headed for clean energy. And the last ones to ditch fossil fuel investments will get left holding the bag.

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Here’s an article:

Well thank you wings !

Yes - ‘wildly inaccurate’ - and always worse than was thought.

It would be nice for Richard Alley to comment on this one, Richard being the Ice Man himself.

Meanwhile the Ohio Gubner just signed HB 6 that will mandate that taxpayers bail out bankrupt First Energy’s coal and nuke plants AND eliminate renewable energy and energy efficiency regulations by 2026.

While VOX, APPA and other media’s articles on HB6 note that First Energy has been a serial corporate welfare queen for decades, none mention that First Energy’s failures to adequately maintain and operate their system caused North America’s worst blackout in August 2003. This failure lead to the National Electrical Reliability Council (NERC) morphing from an industry advisory role into a utility regulator with power to levy million dollar per day fines on ALL utilities including those that DO maintain their systems. The cost for ALL utilities adding compliance staff alone costs ratepayers billions each year.

This is a good one too: