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Bravo You Heroes: Columbus OH Police Mace Double Amputee, Take His Legs, Leave Him Writhing

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/06/22/bravo-you-heroes-columbus-oh-police-mace-double-amputee-take-his-legs-leave-him-0


Insanity! What is next with these racist cops? I do not think we have seen the end to this disgusting behavior. All police stations nation wide must be investigated and reformed NOW! Out with the bad cops, goodby, so long, get the hell out of here! Keep protesting right on through the election in November, don’t let up, don’t back down. All of us must support the protests to save our country. Peace


In this country it takes a certain kind of ass hole to be a cop. I’m a 73 yo white guy that grew up in all white suburbs in the 50’s & 60’s and they picked on the young people just because they could. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to be black or Hispanic driving home at night from work and getting stopped for some bullshit by a smart assed cop. To be a cop you have to have what I call the “John Wayne complex”. FTP!!


You have to give that Israeli commando training credit–it’s very effective–first you dehumanize the enemy and then you brutalize them. Next step, apartheid.


They’re escalating in our Northern neighbor as well. If you’re a person of color or Indigenous, they will shoot first and ask questions later. Or if you’re mentally ill. Again, they claim “there was a weapon”, but family and friends say no. Or they called in a suicide intervention, mentioning there was a weapon, so the cops granted the citizen’s request
The RCMP were started as protection for corporations and for European invaders on Turtle Island. They had some great PR from the House of Astor, Hudson’s Bay Company, and the Transcontinental Railroad with their black horse show, their snazzy black and red serge uniforms, but it really was all about keeping the Indigenous peoples down and out and protecting the various gold and fur bubbles safe.
My experiences with the Protect and Serve folks over the past four years have taught me they protect and serve the rich and powerful while ignoring severe elder abuse.


This and the story out of Boston last year, where the cops took and threw away a disabled man’s wheelchair shows there is no bottom to the disgusting behavior these cowards will stoop to. Besides defunding on the government level, lets boycott the corporations who funnel money and equipment to them.



V.I. Lenin, in his work “The State and Revolution” quotes Fredrich Engles on who and why the police really are the monsters they seem to be, “The second distinguishing feature is the establishment of a public power which no longer directly coincides with the population organizing itself as an armed force. This special, public power is necessary because a self­acting armed organization of the population has become impossible since the split into classes… This public power exists in every state; it consists not merely of armed men but also of material adjuncts, prisons, and institutions of coercion of all kinds,…" The cops are there to protect the lives and the property of the rich, the bourgeoisie, the capitalists. We, the working class, have nothing to do with the police they belong to the upper classes. Recruited from the lower levels of society these armed men are easily trained, easily brainwashed, easily manipulated. The police will continue to enforce the will of the state on the working populace regardless of any reforms politicians make in order to save their own skins from the anger of the masses.

So all of this protesting against police brutality will, even in the short run, change nothing. Past reforms arising from the civil rights protests in the 60s have been done away with. Reforms made following the Rodney King beating have faded from memory. Reforms coming out of Ferguson mean nothing to the police. And any reforms coming from the current protests will go no where, because the state won’t allow it to, because the ruling class have decreed “no reforms.” We are stuck with it just the way it is and it will not change for as long as big brother has his boot in the back of our necks…forever…or until the working class is politically aware enough to realize they have all the power and the state is a hollow instrument controlled by hollow men.


Police brutality has a racist core but their violence is an equal-opportunity form of repression that will target any person in their sights - the cop mindset is to demand and expect instant servile responses from all especially people of color!.

The cop business needs enemies, perps, and laws to justify their increasing numbers, toys, weapons of war and SWAT teams. A business that is represented by the cop unions and their rabid defenders - a lobby that has great power to stop reforms, the brutality central to their being and training, and viewing ALL the public as enemy and targets to be brutalized!
DEFUND, disband, and hold all cops and their training to norms of human rights and law! They are NOT gods in blue!

Most cop killings


This is unwritten but understood by the police. The principle purpose of law and the police is to protect wealth. That is also the purpose of every weapon except the hunting rifle or shotgun. Since WWII the USA has engaged in systemic global domination using dollar denominated debt and brutal military force to enrich a few. As the rest of the world has risen from the ashes of WWII profits have been harder and harder to come by as more countries developed their industries. Dismantling the New Deal and international labor arbitrage has been one long term international Corporate response. Led by neoliberal academics, because too much is never enough, that National response has turned inward against the very people our constitution is guaranteed to protect. When is the last time you heard any politician mention the twice mentioned constitutional mandate charging our Government “to promote the general welfare”. Like Bernie has reminded us so many times, THIS CALLS FOR A REVOLUTION, which must be peaceful to succeed. Established Governments hold a monopoly on violence…


As captain fantastic sez “power to the people ,and stick it to the man “


The person who posted “Bravo, you heroes” on Reddit was probably NOT being facetious. I just read, in an email from Ultraviolet, that Reddit is proud to host some of the worst hatemongers around, backed by a rating from SPLC to that effect:

“In 2015, Reddit refused to ban “open racism and slurs,” claiming it needed to allow people with so-called “different beliefs” to express themselves.”

That “controversy” was put to rest nearly a century ago: Essentially, no right without a corresponding responsibility. But of course, the wisdom of the great minds of the middle and late 19th century is obsolete, just like the even more ancient US Constitution.


Every day a new outrage more depraved than the previous outrages. We are witnessing the devolution of the country into a militarized Orwellian nightmare. When police are ripping the prosthetic limbs from a man lying on the ground who presents no threat, we can see the total capitulation to mayhem and evil of the “protect and serve” forces. We will see very soon whether peaceful protest has any chance of succeeding. If it turns out that peaceful protest will not prevail, brace for impact as to what happens next.


They have recognized racism exists in the RCMP here in Canada for decades and all that while indicated “reforms in place to root it out as Racism has no place in the Police force”. Those reforms have amounted to nothing.

It time to disband the thing and build a new force from the ground up. Maybe start with not arming them. Take away their freaking guns and maybe they will learn how to deal with the mentally ill, or First Nations peoples without shooting them.


What amazes me is the preponderance of “Police Unions” while they are being disparaged in every other profession by the “ruling class”. It seems that their purpose is not necessarily to uplift the police profession by increasing pay and benefits, rather to increase immunity from accountability at work. There are many unionized police forces in the US that can be “worked” for countless shifts on end leading to bad judgement yet serious overtime pay. Don’t discount Police steroid use in the “roid rage” style attacks. Who in their right mind disables an already disabled?


Bravo. Well said.

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I can because I think the cops may have suspected me of being black. After the officer stopped me, I asked in a polite way: " may I ask you officer why you stopped me"? I think he may have just realized I was white and said: " I will tell you later". After he checked my Identification and insurance he never said another word and let me go. I cannot imagine if I was black what could have happened!


Hi redhorsebleu:
The police need more training before they are handed a gun. They need to learn to speak to people and not to escalate anything. It seems that guns come before reason—and no one should be allowed into any police academy without understanding—what exactly is their own sense of purpose. : (

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Police in the USian (Fourth) Reich serve exactly the same purpose the police served in the German (Third) Reich.

Here in the U.S.A. – United Slavemasters of America – the cops perpetuate our subjugation by any terrorism their Ku Klux Kommanders can imagine.

Nor do our petitions for change do anything more than provide our Masters’ wholly owned politicians with additional opportunities to hide their infinite moral imbecility behind co-optive charades of bogus humanitarianism.

But when will the Moronic Majority awaken to what We the (sadistically oppressed) People already know from experience?

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Good to see you here; too bad RSN’s censorship – which I’ve personally protested at least a half-dozen times – is proving deadly.

Note how the extermination of mentally ill humans was (also) standard practice in Germany after the Germans voted the Nazis into power.

Obviously – because it happens so often – USian police are under (secret?) orders to do likewise whenever possible.

Implausible? Not at all. A key aspect of Neoliberalism – and less obviously of all forms of Capitalism – is the euphemism-disguised extermination of anyone who cannot be exploited for our Masters’ profits.

Same reason our social services are being slashed to a deadly nothing.

And – of course – the same reason the virus is killing us by the hundreds of thousands.

Exactly as on the (original) slave plantaiions, Massa gotta cull the nonproductives.