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'Brazen Abuse of Taxpayer Dollars': Katie Porter Accuses Airlines of Using Covid-19 Bailout Funds to Fight Consumer Protections

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/07/brazen-abuse-taxpayer-dollars-katie-porter-accuses-airlines-using-covid-19-bailout


Jail isn’t justice enough for those who flaunt their abusive powers.



If I wave my diamond pinky ring under your nose, that’s flaunting–an ostentatious display meant to evoke feelings of envy.

If I as president shoot somebody in the middle of 5th Av. and walk away, that’s flouting–a contemptuous display meant to evoke feelings of powerlessness.

Otherwise agreed.

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Here I am married to a retired English teacher and did not know the difference.

Thanks Guild for the explanation of my misuse of the word, “flaunt.”

I cannot promise I will not use it that way again, however I am going to begin using “flout” in order that I may remember it.

Thanks "Teach."


That’s what friends are for (insert winky face here)

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Thank goodness someone has their eye on waste, fraud, and abuse of our tax dollars. We need as many as possible to get on board with “Katie Watch.”


And “Warren Watch” too…I so remember when she called out Wall Street…truly a voice in the wilderness at that time. And after all Katie was her student…she is Katie’s role model, she studied hard and will take?No BS. I love watching these brain dead cretins who have only power and money on their side of the table. They sputter into their chests and scan the room with their beady eyes looking for the escape hatch! Katie has brains, knowledge and integrity. Cant buy it! and its not for sale. Hoot!LOVE watching Katie, she will use a whiteboard if you are really thick and she has had it out…many times. Wall street and big industry hate both of them! Yet another reason to admire them.


I too have mentioned here, that Katie is following in Warren’s footsteps as a watchdog. Of course republicans continue to erase Warrens work to facilitate the greed that feeds the right.


In addition to lobbying, the airlines have also started disregarding physical distancing guidelines. They have reinstituted the use of the middle seat, so people are sitting right next to one another again (packed in like sardines), and have been changing non-stop flights to flights in which there is a stop-over, forcing travelers to trek through airports and change planes, thus exposing them to more people from whom they could catch the virus, or whom they could, themselves, infect.

A workmate of mine always used to say “if you got, flaunt it.” Yup, he was a staunch republican.

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I just heard that the idea of distancing at 6 feet is not safe. More like 12-15 feet is the new standard.

a more basic question is in light of their big and rising greenhouse emissions and contribution to annoying noise, why should airlines get any special taxpayer subsidy (though pf course aid off workers in the industry should get unemployment)?? It would help the environment if we flew less


She is a treasure.

Don’t fly.

You make us proud Rep Porter!

I did like three hours being lent to her campaign one busy weekend. (It’s too long a drive to volunteer regularly). So it’s not,like I made a difference, but of all the stacks of envelopes I’ve ever dropped in the mail those are the ones I’m proudest of, ha.

And now there aren’t really any races to volunteers with here…we’ve durn run our of republicans near me, lol.

WE ARE NOT CONSUMERS! STOP IT! WE are mothers. We are fathers. We are lovely. We are funny. We ARE NOT CONSUMERS! #AbolishCorporations are consumers of LIFE! And We citizens are rising up against the lies! Thank you.

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