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'Brazen Attack on Media Freedom': Critics Blast Israel's Move to Ban Al Jazeera


'Brazen Attack on Media Freedom': Critics Blast Israel's Move to Ban Al Jazeera

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As journalists and free press advocates continued to condemn the Israeli government's move to shutter Al Jazeera's Jerusalem office and revoke its journalists' press credentials, the media network responded early Monday, denouncing "this decision made by a state that claims to be 'the only democratic state in the Middle East.'"

"Israel plans to shutter Al Jazeera's office and block its broadcasts. That's a disturbing attempt to stifle criticism."
—Freedom of the Press Foundation


Just as Israel pressures politicians and governments to criminalize or stifle the BDS movement, so too must Israel hide truth of their racist ethnic cleansing and every aspect of the illegal Occupation and colonization (read theft by force) of Palestine, especially the West Bank. The open-air prison that is Gaza they will deal with later. To accomplish hiding truth from the world, journalists and news outlets must be pressured, banned, killed, destroyed, or expelled, especially independent Al Jazeera.

Under the lap-dog co-conspirator trump regime, apartheid Israel is accelerating and consolidating their iron grip and de facto annexation of all of Palestine, as their “Eretz Israel” - “Greater Israel” agenda and racist mythology demands. Removal of all opposition one way or another while the US under trump abandons any/all pretense of being an “honest broker” - the pre-meditated Israeli/Zionist ethnic cleansing and colonization of whatever they want of Palestine by whatever means necessary will become a fait accompli.

World opinion turning against Israeli crimes must be controlled, and journalists, media, news outlets not already controlled or in thrall to Israel, and any other opposition gagged or destroyed - of which the ban on Al Jazeera is just part.


The lap-dog co-conspirator trump regime follows in the wake of every U.S. government and Congress since Jimmy Carter. What Zionist want, Zionists get and Palestinians and the world pay the growing costs. If an all-out nuke war does break out, the first missile will come from Zionist-controlled Palestine, living out the Masada myth. Or maybe the Samson myth. Or maybe Jericho. Extremists and imperialists always seem to confuse conquest and suicide.


What many Americans do not realize, that this kind of restricting of Al Jazeera has happened here some time ago. Our Al Jazeera -America is a thoroughly censored version from the Al Jazeera - English, which has been blocked long ago from reaching US.