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Brazil—from the Droughts of the Northeast to São Paulo’s Thirst


Brazil—from the Droughts of the Northeast to São Paulo’s Thirst

Mario Osava

Six million people in Brazil’s biggest city, São Paulo, may at some point find themselves without water. The February rains did not ward off the risk and could even aggravate it by postponing rationing measures which hydrologists have been demanding for the last six months.

The threat is especially frightening for millions of people who have flocked here from Brazil’s poorest region, the semi-arid Northeast, many of whom fled the droughts that are so frequent there.


So it’s not just the Western US that is dry as a bone. Australia and Brazil too.

Malaysia last year was completely on fire. Followed by massive flooding. Thailand too. At least 20 countries in Asia have experienced massive flooding in the last few years and the islanders in the Maldives and Marshal Islands have had to evacuate some of their atolls since breakers are rolling through their bedrooms.

But it’s illegal in North Carolina and inside the Florida government to say “The Ocean is Rising”!

Global Warming is a Hoax, the Cons all tell me. If it is, then it’s the most elaborate hoax in Human History!


Hmm - they gotta stop salting their beef so much - makes one thirsty …


From the article-- Almeida, 40, was born in São Paulo. But his father came from the Northeast, the first of 14 siblings to leave the northeastern state of Pernambuco in search of a better life in the big city.¨

Sao Paulo is a city of 22 MILLION people.

And yet, how is it possible that there are still those out there who think that there are not too F%CKI*G many human beings on this distressed Pachamana? And worse yet, we are still breeding.

I am sorry, Great Mother. I am truly sorry.

(And no, I have no children. At least in this lifetime, I have not added to the population problem.)


Yes, we are still breeding… but also, most of us, feel that we have the right to live forever… we have made “much progress” in prolonging life… gee…