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Brazil Is Engulfed by Ruling Class Corruption—and a Dangerous Subversion of Democracy


Brazil Is Engulfed by Ruling Class Corruption—and a Dangerous Subversion of Democracy

Glenn Greenwald, Andrew Fishman

The multiple, remarkable crises subsuming Brazil are now garnering substantial Western media attention. That’s understandable given that Brazil is the world’s fifth most populous country and eighth-largest economy; its second-largest city, Rio de Janeiro, is the host of this year’s Summer Olympics.


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Thanks Common Dreams for at least linking Greenwald’s article from Brazil.

Common Dreams should write its own report on what is happening in Brazil. Here’s one en español that i happened across.


Isn’t this almost exactly another :“Maidan” - albeit absent the Slavic-ethicity loyalty element?


You know, after all these fake Maidan, and color-coded so-called popular “uprisings” against supposed “corruption”, I have reached the point that unless they are murdering people (like the US-loved - and not at all threatened by uprisings - Honduran government is), I really can’t get very indignant over these accusations of corruption. If a ruling Party or politician is working for the interests of, and improving the lot of, the working class - even if only by small increments, I really can’t care too much if they are writing themselves some checks on the side.


Our fate is ultimately and arguably prophetically reflected in how we regard the well being of the ‘least’ (meaning all who are disempowered and disenfranchised), amongst us. Simply keeping a list of these - maybe on the refrigerator, like magnet poetry, can be a reminder of how much is marginalized in order to feed the current ‘globalized’ model of human/natural life.

When I pause and consider this, its essentially a no-brainer with the evidence increasingly heaping up in distopian waste, genocide, and a scale of militarism permeating industrialized societies that has become trigger-happy brinksmanship from rhetoric to weaponry.

The grow-forever neo-developmentalism has hijacked technologies - but that’s not enough. Why? Because the scale of privilege enjoyed is completely dissociated from the tsunamis constantly triggered by the institutionalized “externalization” of costs and consequences. These are not a one-off instance. They increase, in exponentially morphing feedback loops with every application of the economic model in what is now a hyper mode of expansionism. Why? Because it is a failed model. Sad to say but increasingly irrefutably true. The concepts of ‘stop, cease, desist’ - well, those have been marginalized too. That’s for the ‘other’, not the powerful. The incapacity to refrain from the ballooning disease of expansion, I would submit, is not a good sign.

We even blithely sport a lexicon of euphemisms that describe the insular dissociative conundrum - “The Beltway” for example. I remember a painter once saying that for a poorly rendered picture ‘a good job of framing hides a multitude of sins’. I’ve never forgotten the implications of that. Or, “Citizens United”- clever, no? The ‘framing’ by the name just resonates with sentiments of solidarity, doesn’t it?

But when these are conflated with the legacy of a system beholden to corruption and fraud terrified of its own self-imposed inevitable consequences of exploitation as mode operation, the sources are eventually exhausted by the unhinging of all that has real and healthy meaning. And that seems to be where our feet are as we contemplate a ‘journey of a thousand miles’.

Beauty, a word that describes the innermost soul response to coherence and health, that does not seek to dominate, will blossom again. As long as human beings are part of nature it’s roots inevitably exist. Whether or not the industrialized powers on steroids choose to relinquish the illusions of domination that they foist and are now being consumed by… remains an increasingly valuable question.

Dominion and control of the “takers” - what does it mean?