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Brazil Isn’t the Only Far-Right Government Destroying the Planet

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/26/brazil-isnt-only-far-right-government-destroying-planet

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Seems like this might have been a good place to also mention USAmerican complicity in the “soft coup” against Lula. You think? This vacancy tells me something about The Progressive.

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Don’t forget about Australia and its governments climate denialism.

Unfortunately, the right wing does not have a lock on destroying the planet. Let’s not forget that Canada is doing its part.

Hypocritical that Canada is sending money to fight Amazon fires (not doubt, a good thing), but then continues to extract super dirty tar sands oil and build pipelines to move it, not to mention digging huge open pit, polluting mines all over the world

What a time for fascism to make a resurgence, on the eve of the end of the world.


Reminds me of the hypocrisy of David Koch donating millions of dollars to charity organizations while at the same time spending billions of dollars on the oil industry.

Many years ago a group of rich were interviewed together in what looked like a board room. The question put to them was why did they do what they do and how they felt about laws, regulation, and morality in gathering wealth.
The consensus was that the rules didn’t matter, and actually the money didn’t either.
It was all about outdoing the competition. Whether dollars or marbles it was about winning. Winning at all costs. Without saying so they seemed to be indicating that it was as much an illness as it was pure drive.


In our times the world leader sit on their hands while Israel commits genocide while stealing the lands of the Indigenous Palestine people, Burma wantonly rapes and kill the Rohingya, Australian, European and USA governments incarcerate migrant families in camps with inhuman conditions and all are fast working on making the entire planet die.

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Canada is a major backer of the coup attempts against Maduro and the economic terrorist war being waged against Venezuela. Canadian mining companies want access to rape and pillage the countryside for mineral deposits and the Trudeau government policy is in lock step with them. Holds true for Africa also.