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Brazil May Enact World's Most Socially Retrogressive Austerity Package


Brazil May Enact World's Most Socially Retrogressive Austerity Package

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Brazil's new neoliberal government is set to push through the most socially retrogressive austerity package in the world, a United Nations official warned on Friday, calling the proposed 20-year freeze on social spending a "radical measure, lacking in all nuance and compassion."


Oh boy, wait until Trump, Ryan and Mitchell hear about this!


The neocon Brazilian gang has to recoup all the Billion$$$$$$ spent for construction of Olympic venues, residences, hotels, roads, etc on top of the exorbitant cost of building all the stadia for the Soccer World Cup (carried over into the Olympics). Ahh, the putrid stench of so-called progress rolling down the roads through favelas and tin-shack hovels on its way to the bays (while stopping along the way to create breeding grounds for Zika-carrying mosquitoes).


During Olympic coverage by NBC, there was no mention of the bloodless coup that forced out President Rousseff , since the oligarchs in the USA favored the change in government.


And, they know they won't be able to feed and water these people anyway, so why not cull the herd to make it easier to put down revolt. You know this is being closely monitored by our own Exterminators like the Kochs and the Bushes.


This has proven how propaganda works. The population of Brazil were largely supportive as were the population in Egypt according to foreign designed mass media, well manipulated and replete with indoctrinations, to not have understood the consequences of having foreign power projected into their internal affairs and so to have been manufactured into the consent that resulted in a coup on their own democratic process. Both populations had considerable momentum implanted from abroad and instigated to have ensured their complicity in their own present unenviable predicaments, by having their overthrown governments replaced by the chosen ones, in false expectation that it was acceptable to have done so? They so became the authors of their own predictable downfall! They have become imprisoned in their own construct as very significant numbers in their populations passively consented as others actively supported these criminal shenanigans The Chicago boys and girls selected the leadership change in Brazil. The rest is bribery, corruption and a long journey through great suffering and repression which will be fully supported from outside by a neo-con political mind set, coupled with neo- liberal capitalism's ethos for easy profits established as back on full burners. God help the poor and unfortunate along their designated way!.

In Brazil's case, it faces large scale civil unrest and in Egypts' case it faces the prospect of the onset of what has the awful but real potential to evolve into a full blown civil war! That's my own opinion anyway!


Rousseff was impeached by a democratically elected Congress. There was no coup!!!


I never realized that the CIA was democratically elected.
Good to know!


If you look real close, you'll see this is happening all over the globe.


'People get ready, there's a change a-coming.I' hoping for the Peace train, earthing1, but I also see a lot of Braziles out there


Many kinds of fascists get democratically elected - all it takes is a corporate media to manipulate the masses.

I notice you are a hit-and-run troll...


Unfortunately, the Brazilian left gave Dilma the same treatment the US left gave Hillary. The result was perfectly predictable in both cases - a fascist form of plutocracy.


Spare me the conspiratorial nonsense. Everything is not controlled by the US. The wealthy Brazilians are perfectly capable of taking their country over and oppressing their poor without US help.


This new "constitution" lacks any democratic validity. As soon as the people take back power from the coup perpetrators, it should be promptly discarded and replaced with a real one. During a US Republican administration might be a good time to accomplish this, Republicans being less effective evils.


Maybe, maybe not: