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Brazil on Verge of Legitimizing Amazon Land Theft on a Grand Scale


Brazil on Verge of Legitimizing Amazon Land Theft on a Grand Scale

Sue Branford, Mauricio Torres

The Amazon is the sort of wild place where you often go looking for one thing, but find another. So it was when Mongabay travelled in May on a mission to observe illegal logging operations within federal conservation units beside the BR-163, the Amazon highway linking the city of Santarém on the Amazon River with Cuiabá, the capital of Mato Grosso state.


This is dystopia! Dire greed and desperate poverty = environmental destruction and slavery. We stand at 7.5 billion and heading higher. Because of people like Trump, the world’s misery index rises rather than falls. So many of our future problems could be solved in these present years if we had the will. Instead Trump lauds the corrupt and deregulates corporate domination. Trump brings forth dystopia rather than trying to avoid it.

These authors remind us in this dismally shocking piece of the sins of earlier eras coming to fruition in this era. How shocking it once seemed to read of indigenous villages being bombed in secret by corporate mercenaries in “At play in the Fields of the Lord”. That novel was written decades ago.

The sins of greed continue but the cost to the people and the land has metastasized and runs amok and unchecked!

How much worse will life be when a billion more people are added each decade? That is Trump’s legacy for the future. He makes it worse than it needed to be. He could have helped save the world with solar and wind and new infrastructure but instead he retards modernization and deregulates abuse wholesale. His actions are emulated by others.

Imagine if Trump had been intelligent rather than just greedy? Imagine if…


It has been over ten years since I flew over the Brazilian Amazon, but it was very sad to see what had been done there. The only two sadder places to fly over are the Canadian tar sands and Madagascar.


I did not have the stomach to read this article.


Planet Earth - use it until it’s all used up, then start WWIII or move to Mars.


Did you really need to reference Trump 5 times in a comment about illegal logging in a foreign country? Do you think that if Bernie Sanders of Jill Stein were President that this would not be going on?

It’s amazing how effective this economic/propaganda system is at channelling legitimate rage into ineffectual partisan squabbling.

And all the while the destruction and short-term profit-taking continues.


I think a simplistic one size fits all description of politics is for stoneys deep in their bong or childlike opinionators who can’t take complexity.
To you then there is no difference between a Trump and a Sanders!

As for me, I see that there is a vast difference between the two. Bernie’s policies would not be corporatist at root but naturally since we live in a capitalist system then jobs would earn salaries and resources purchased etc. so go back down to your mom’s basement and smoke a bowl or three and wax eloquent about how everything is all the same and people are too!

Is not worth debating. Such an attitude.

BTW - I wrote about the suffering of the indigenous (mining, farming or logging or whatever). A very famous novel brought the (at that time) relatively unknown harassment and attacks on indigenous villages in the jungle to light. It seems that type of lethal harassment is returning in a modern day variation.

My comment wasn’t simply about logging in a foreign country at all. You don’t read very well.


Mom’s basement my ass you insufferable, lying, moron. Stop inventing little straw men and knocking them over. You’re impressing no one. Bernie Sanders is the same as Trump? Heh? Where in the motherfuck did I ever make a statement remotely like that?

My point, which you clearly cannot get through your little flea skull, is that we need far more fundamental change than the person sitting in the White House to have the foggiest chance of doing a thing about averting the consequences of the profit-driven global ecological destruction this article describes.

Stop lying about everything, for just one day of your miserable life STOP LYING.


You wrote -
“Did you really need to reference Trump 5 times in a comment about illegal logging in a foreign country? Do you think that if Bernie Sanders of Jill Stein were President that this would not be going on?”

As. I said, I wrote about the assaults on the indigenous actually not about logging. I referenced a particularly notable book that brought the issue to life for a complacent America. In those days John Wayne was still ‘shootin’injuns’ and calling people pilgrim.

Your opening sentence I found mediocre and rather rude. It also showed that you either didn’t understand what I wrote or through impatience that you probably didn’t really read it. I assumed a type of behavior that fit that profile and language. I did not really expect that I was actually describing your real life although from your overly emotional response, perhaps I did! Very often imbibers will develop a “Its all the same thing man!” attitude towards politics, economics, history, people and the universe in general! Usually they are ripped! Lol

If you took offense at my not taking you seriously then wait until sober and try to figure out how Trump the corrupt autocratic billionaire is just like Bernie Sanders the straight arrow advocate of social justice (or Jill Stein) because despite their long association with Socialism and social causes, you still think everyone in government is some sort of cookie cutter robot and will act the same as any other in government.

It is ridiculous and moreover you were too lazy to even make your point but only posted a link.

Looked kind of stoney to me but since you took offense at the jibe, then make your point in your own words if you can? No promises though because the " Its all the same logic …just isn’t logical even when talking about a capitalist government etc. but I am willing to be convinced by your dissertation but not the childish name calling.

If your mother heard you talking like that…! Lol