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Brazil’s Democracy to Suffer Grievous Blow Today as Unelectable, Corrupt Neoliberal is Installed


Brazil’s Democracy to Suffer Grievous Blow Today as Unelectable, Corrupt Neoliberal is Installed

Glenn Greenwald

In 2002, Brazil’s left-of-center Workers Party (PT) ascended to the presidency when Lula da Silva won in a landslide over the candidate of the center-right party PSDB (throughout 2002, “markets” were indignant at the mere prospect of PT’s victory). The PT remained in power when Lula, in 2006, was re-elected in another landslide against a different PSDB candidate.


Same thing happened in Venezuela. The press was owned by 1% interests and they worked relentlessly against Chavez challenging his legitimacy at every turn.

Similar runs true in Mexico, as well.

And as you related, the U.S has entities doing similar hit jobs as shown by Sanders getting so LITTLE press coverage, such minimal mention of his significant wins, and such intense misrepresentation of his policies, views, and overall intentions.


Don't forget that if the propaganda machine does not work our corrupt leaders just have the CIA support a coup and kill you.


Yes. What you said is all too true and I am well aware of it.


Of course you are well aware of it. I read your posts.


We are talking about all western democracies since aron 1979-1984.


I hope Dilma can stay in power. It would be a shame to have a US puppet government that Colombia & Peru have.


Dr. Paul Craig Roberts states that U.S. (globalist) corporations use both direct military imperialism and also its complement, financial imperialism.

Thus with armies tied up all across the Middle East and into Central Asia, the financial form of imperialism is being "done unto" the nations of South America.

It's a historical fact that when economies implode, the working classes typically turn against the sitting leadership because they blame it for the hardships they face.

The diminished value of OIL has had major impacts on the economies of Brazil and Venezuela. The depressed global economy has driven down commodities prices like copper, which is important to Chile.

These governments were able to lift the living standards of their people largely through the profits made when the global economy was singing along with oil revenues UP.

The people in Brazil have no idea what a change in leadership will bring. They are literally watching the frying pan heat up.

Of course what's happening in Brazil has its counterpart in the U.S. where in spite of media cheerleaders insisting that our economy is working well... most working families are struggling. And yet many of this same group would vote for Trump who is a card-carrying member of the same 1% that orchestrated most of the financial and military havoc of recent decades.


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