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Brazil’s Neighbors Warn of President’s ‘Dangerous’ Ouster–but US Press Isn’t Listening


Brazil’s Neighbors Warn of President’s ‘Dangerous’ Ouster–but US Press Isn’t Listening

Jim Naureckas

The effort to oust twice-elected Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has been big news in the United States. Since December 2015, when Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies began an impeachment process over Rousseff’s budget maneuvers, the New York Times has had 74 pieces that mention “Rousseff” and “impeachment,” according to the Nexis news database; the Washington Post has had 138 such stories.


The Deep State has the public mind back in the bathroom as it takes down Brazil and Venezuela. Pretty much business as usual.


The U.S. Deep State's support for this political coup assures U.S. business interests that the BRICS financial alignment may not prove a serious threat to the hegemony of the U.S. Petro-dollar. With militaristic right wing interests operating as Brazil's heads of state, BRICS is apt to become RICS.


This seems to be an example of good intentions gone sour. I don't know how the vice president is chosen in Brazil, but it would seem impossible that the new guy (correction: the new white guy) didn't get into office without some tolerance if not the approval of Rouseff.
Rouseff's removal prior to the outcome of the impeachment trial needs further examination. If this is not as outlined in the constitution of Brazil, then that is a matter for the their law enforcement or judiciary to address which, to date, there is no evidence that they either have done or will do so.
Then there is the matter of the lower assembly which voted the impeachment and the upper chamber which will hear the trial. Those who believe in representative government by the people must surely realize that they are answerable to all the representatives of the people.
These facts shred the arguments of:
Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega
(“anti-democratic process that has cast a shadow on the reliability and
strength of institutions.”)
The Bolivian Foreign Ministry:
(“destabilize democratic processes and ignore the will of the people
expressed in the popular vote.”)
Salvadoran President Sanchez Ceren
(“We respect democracy and the people’s will. In Brazil an act was done that was once done through military coups.”)
and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro
(“a grave and dangerous sign for the future stability and peace of all the continent.”)
It's too bad that a leftist leader in Latin America has shown her incompetence to such a degree that those with the power to do so have decided to remove her from office, but ideological correctness is still no excuse for incompetence.


The Corporate Owned News (CON) simply can no longer be allowed the constitutional protections of the free press. By virtue of being a corporation, with their sole responsibility being making quarterly profits for their shareholders (not accurately informing the public), the CON has lost any resemblance to a press deserving additional constitutional protection. Of all corporations and people, the CON has the most constitutional rights and uses them to propagandize its viewers, listeners, and readers, which is just about everybody. The founders viewed the free press as a democratic tool to enlighten the citizenry, not to make a few folks uber wealthy.

Please take the time to research how and why these leftist governments in Central and South America rose to power. There are many lessons for organizing for power to be learned by Bernie's band of revolutionaries, along with lessons on the difficulties of governing in a neoliberal world order.

Rouseff basically smacked right into class driven neoliberalism, and is paying the price for being uppity.


Thanks, you saved me a post.


In America, we can't criticize what has happened in Brazil, we have tolerated the softest coup in history over decades, resulting in media owned by the oligarchy, political corruption disguised as lobbying. But still have our voices, we can still persuade others to pay attention and show solidarity with those on the left in Brazil who are not aligned with the faction of the PT that made their neoliberal bed and lay in it all the way to the false impeachment.

The labor, landless and agrarian reform movements still carry the torch for the country's silent and majority poor, and they are resisting the supposedly 'legal' but clearly unconstitutional takeover of Brazil. More impeachments, starting with Temer, and suspensions of the majority of representatives being investigated for real corruption need to take place before more 'hard choices' are volunteered by the illegitimate administration. Anything done from this point will need to be immediately undone once a legitimate government takes power, a call for immediate elections can save further pain.


That's a crock of shit!

The problems impacting Brazil largely stem from reductions in global commodities prices. This net loss has created staggering setbacks that ANY leader would be challenged to cope with.

You missed the facts that:

A. It's a coup
B. The parties ousting Ms. Rousseff are FAR more corrupt (and under indictment)
C. That she already experienced what right wing military entities are capable of
D. That the new government that's seized power unconstitutionally is all white and all male

But I guess you're fine with A-D. It's easy to just slime a female head of state and sound like some State Department crony working to blacken the reputation of any South American leader who doesn't march to Washington's drumbeat of usurious exploitation.


You're welcome. I agree with your comments 90% of the time and find many of them very well conceived. That, in and of itself, is refreshing given the usual pabulum tossed around... particularly by the closet Trump supporters.


Brazil's predicament seems to be a little of this and a little of that, so the hero/villain thing is more obscured. But in general the MSM's reporting on Latin America has been abysmally biased and I have great appreciation for Mr. Naureckis' pointing it out so well. The MSM is especially hamstrung w/re to that continent and we all know why.

It would seem that a non uncommon pattern of populism in S. America is to fall rather quickly into the wrong hands or policies post-election. But how could we ever tell for sure when the US government is so busy meddling down there? And electing another neoliberal government here this fall almost insures a continuance of such interventionism.


What seems to be missed in many articles and comments is that this is not only an attack against a leftist government, but an attack on the government owned Brazilian Central Bank. Rouseff is being attacked for using the Central Bank to do what publicly owned Central Banks are set up to do i.e. create interest free money to fund the government and build the economy. The thing that Wall Street, The City of London and their mercenaries and minions, The IMF and World Bank hate and fear most is the creation of interest free money. The one thing that Iraq, Iran, Lybia, Ukraine, Russia and China have in common is that they have or had government owned Central Banks that could create interest free money to fund education, health care, infrastructure, pensions and all the things that make a social welfare state work.
The NSA, CIA and the Pentagon are the private security force of Wall Street. Nothing more nothing less.


That the US Media refuses to ackowledge this a coup and does so in concert with one another shows they are operating from a Script.