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Brazil Senate Votes for Impeachment Trial as Rousseff Vows to Fight 'Coup'



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And the US (Obama) admin supports all this. A Honduran coup on a much larger scale.


"Vice President Michel Temer of the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party (PMDB), a center-right neoliberal lawmaker known for his Wall Street ties and back-door negotiation style, will take Rousseff's place in the interim.": Wondering why? Wonder no more: http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/amid_dilma_rousseffs_impeachment_brazil_prepares_to_20160512


This impeachment is what Neil Young meant when he sang, " a kinder, gentler machine gun plan ". See, no shots have been fired yet ( I didn't hear any from my house ). And, nobody has been tossed out of a helicopter that we know of, so an orderly transition of American Empire's interests has been injected into this fledging Brazilian democracy. Another coup d 'etat by the Criminal Class, er.... I mean the upstanding wealthy philanthropists of New York and Brazil. Who grace the peasants with the blessings of the 2nd coming of a military dictatorship. The ? is, will austerity allow for the purchase of " advanced weapon systems and training " to assure the bills get paid in full. Most likely a tax increase on food and medical necessities is coming, too. That seems like the only fair thing to do.:sunglasses:


"Brazil Senate Votes for Impeachment Trial as Rousseff Vows to Fight 'Coup'" And just why is the word coup, a very accurate description of what is happening in Brazil, put in quotation marks as if to imply, "hey they said it, not me."?

Apparently one key aspect, which is not mentioned, is that impeachment is reserved for 'crimes' and budget manipulations or irregularities are not crimes in Brazil. What more does it take to be recognized as a parliamentary coup?

All democracy-minded people, including athletes, should boycott the Olympics, until Dilma is reinstated. This should consist of letting all advertisers, sponsors, etc., that you are not visiting, attending, watching, participating in any way. That might get their attention.


I see the evil hand of the CIA ( the Covert Intelligence Assassination network ) behind this coup on behalf of the oligarchs that fear the power of the BRICS. Because the last thing they want is Russia and the other countries to have a foothold in "their" territory in South America.