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Brazil: The Eternal Country of the Future Trapped in Its Colonial Past

Brazil: The Eternal Country of the Future Trapped in Its Colonial Past

Jorge Majfud

Days before the elections in Brazil, a young Brazilian approached me and said, "God willing, Bolsonaro to win. He is a military and will end corruption.” I did not want to answer. I esteem this boy as a good person, maybe too young to be anything else. But these two brief sentences summed up several volumes of Latin American history to its present.

All of the appeals for a fascist takeover are based on returning to a mythical past. What is promised is a return to something that never existed. The people who fall for this never seem to understand that they are being a sold a fake bill of goods. The promise in the US seems to be for a nation of whites filled with Christian goodness. Try to find that in history. The Russians are sold a Russia that characterized by pureness as opposed to the decadence of the liberal West often blamed on a global Jewish conspiracy. In the US the fascists portray Mexican immigrants as murderers and rapists and Muslims as violent. Many people always seem to long for a past that never existed. This is why fascism seems to endure as the lie about a better past can be sold to a new generation that comes along that is just as gullible as past generations. Reality can be painful and people would rather hold on to an idyllic image rather than accepting reality. And to achieve that that fake past they are willing to accept the most horrible crimes carried out against those who are different from them.

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