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Brazilian Prosecutor Finds No Crime Committed by Dilma: Will the Law Count for Anything in Brazil?


Brazilian Prosecutor Finds No Crime Committed by Dilma: Will the Law Count for Anything in Brazil?

Mark Weisbrot

An immense effort was made to remove Bill Clinton from the presidency in the late 1990s, culminating in the first impeachment trial of a US president in 131 years. Intimate details of his affair with Monica Lewinsky, about which Clinton was accused of lying under oath, were probed and published by the far-right prosecutor Ken Starr. This let loose a flood of jokes and salacious fodder for the tabloids.


"But press reports — inasmuch as they even bothered to report on the prosecutor’s conclusion — seem to indicate that pro-impeachment forces are acting as though the law, and the prosecutor’s statement, are irrelevant. They are pressing full steam ahead for the Senate to reverse the results of the October 2014 presidential elections."

With all due respect, Mr. Weisbrot, the analogy between Clinton's near-impeachment over a sex scandal and the cabal against Ms. Rousseff is not the keenest of examples.

I think the above quote is better suited to the inside scam that allowed 5 U.S. Supreme Court Justices to INSTALL Bush, the lesser, and thereby get the green light for enacting the plans for Middle East Wars (Project for a New American Century) that were already on the books or certainly in preparatory stages... awaiting the right trigger.

Please don't make the mistake of presuming that the rule of law is still operational within the U.S.

As is the case within an Inverted Totalitarian system, the appendages of a free society--operational press, courts, academia, congress--are all in place; but 90% of their members have been bought out by Big Money or otherwise coerced (and/or seduced) into obeying the dictates of the Deep State. IT is not answerable to the public. In fact, in most cases, the public only finds out about its dealings through leaks made to Wikileaks... and woe to any so bold as to tell citizens the TRUTH about what their coup-government is up to!